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Diamond Lattice Scarf



Crochet Chronicles:

My sister, who rarely ask me for anything, was going through my FB page Crochet & More and fell in love with the Irish crochet scarf that I had done.. She wanted one of those…..but I had just finished hooking up 3 of them and was a little bored with doing the same thing. So I hooked her this scarf……and guess what?…. she loved it!!!!

This is a very gentle and innocent stitch pretending to be glamorous and sophisticated….and if you are wondering what I mean by that is……though the stitch looks complicated it is very simple to do and is addictive.

Materials used:

Pearl cottton #5 from Soft Feather 150 gms

Omega cotton Thread from Coats #10 – 100 gms.

Anchor cotton #20  – 20 gms for the tassels

Abbreviations used:

Slip stich – ss

Single Crochet – sc

Double Crochet – dc

Skip – sk

This is the chart that I worked from: This pattern is from the internet. I did do my own thing, in that, I hooked in a mesh stitch on either side of the scarf.


Written Pattern:

As mentioned before, I have used 3 kinds of thread…pearl #5, #10 and #20……it adds to the texture of the finished product…

I first worked with #5…which is a very light thread, building in the middle portion of the scarf…..then I worked #10 on both sides…#10 is not as soft as #5…so it weighs a little on both sides and then when you add the #20 as tassels…the whole project holds the length and shape…There is no need to starch this scarf.

Row1:  For this scarf I hooked in 16×6 = 96 + 8 +8 chains. then 3 chain up

Row 2: 3 dc in same chain as the 3ch up ;* skip 7 ch; 3dc in next  ch; 3ch; 3dc in same ch;* continue with ** until you reach the last  8 chs…. then skip 7 chs  and  4dc in  the last chain

Row 3:  3ch up, 3dc in the same chain; *5 chain, 3dc in  the 3ch loop created by the two 3dc cluster in the first row.; 3chain; 3dc in the same loop*. continue  ** until end of row.

Row 4:  3ch up , 3dc in same chain; *3chain; 1 sc is made gathering the 7 ch of the first and second rows: then 3ch; 3dc in the previous row’s loop 3ch 3dc* continue until end of row.

Now you have created your first diamond Lattice.


I made 34 rows of diamond Lattice in Pearl #5 then switched to #10 for 10 rows. Cut the yarn, and attached it to the other end of the scarf where I had first begun. So now you are hooking into #5 thread with #10 thread. What you get is a thicker and softer middle portion (the part that goes around your neck.)..and both the ends of the scarf are daintier becos you have hooked it with a #10. I also wanted the zigzag design as the border….I thought it looked more interesting.

I made 54 rows of Diamond Lattices.


You don’t have to use 3 different types of yarn ….you can make it with the same yarn all over…I just like to play around with textures…:-)

To give the  2 long sides of the scarf a lacy feel I crocheted a mesh stitch along the sides using  Omega from Coats #10 thread.

For the mesh stitch….dc 3ch  dc


I made the tassels with Anchor #20……just t wanted it to look more daintier and delicate…..Here is a very good link that shows you how to make tassels….

Well…here we are at and that’s how simple this scarf was to make……Enjoy…and Keep that beautiful smile on always….

How to Make A Crochet Round


Crocheting a round is easy…..but you need to be concentrate on counting the stitches. I have a graph, downloaded from Pinterest, which also has a written pattern on it. basically you increase the stitches each round by 6. But this is not a hard and fast rule. Work it out, practice and make your own formula. Crochet rounds are good for coasters, appliqué work, bag and basket bases….etc.



The diagram below which is uploaded form the internet….is worked in multiples of 6. You start with a magic loop and chain in 6 single crochet(sc) into it. So this kind of circle is done in multiples of 6 scs.


The chart below is single crochets in multiples of 12



The diagram above… is again uploaded from the internet…..shows how to make a circle using double crochet sttiches(dcs)  and chain stitches, exclusively.

Here are some other crochet circle motifs and patterns that is from the internet

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And that’s it…. very simple patterns for a very useful crochet shape.

How to crochet a Hexagon, African Hexagon Flower, patterns

How to Crochet A Hexagon


Crocheting hexagons is a challenge as well as a huge boost to your ego…..becos though the making of individual hexagonal motifs is easy….placing them in a legible order to make something that you would want to use and enjoy is intellectually stimulating……There are so many hexagon patterns…I have chosen a very simple pattern here…



Row 1

Chain 7; Triple crochet into 7th chain form hook; 2 ch, 1 trcr; *2 ch, 1 trcr*(10) altogether 12 trebles…ch 1, 1 dc into fourth chain of beginning chain.

Row 2

6 ch, 2 dc into 2 chain loop of previous row,  1 dc into the next 2 ch loop of previous row; 1dc into trcr, 1dc into 2ch loop of previous row 3ch 1 dc into the same 2 chain loop….forming a V stitch. This is the first corner of your hexagon…we have to make 5 more corners. Repeat….5 more times… into the fourth chain at the start of the row.



Row 3



6 ch, 1 dc into 3ch loop of previous row; 3 ch 1dc into the same 3chain loop as the first dc…forming a “V” . This is your first corner of this row.

*1ch, skip(sk) 1dc, ch1 , dc in next dc, ch 1, sk 1, dc in dc,ch 1 in 3 ch loop, 3ch, dc in the same loop * (5)

ch 1,  ss into fourth chain of beginning chain.

Row 4

Ch 3; 1dc 3 ch , 1dc in 3 ch loop; 1dc in dc of previous row dc, sk next dc, dc in dc, sk dc; 1 dc, 3ch, 1 dc in 3 ch loop; *sk dc, dc in dc, sk dc, dc in dc, sk dc; 1 dc, 3ch 1dc in 3 ch loop*(3)



Joining hexagon motifs as you go…. A Tutorial…….

African Flower Hexagon Tutorial

Hexagons on Pinterest

How to crochet a hexagon motif bag…2 patterns

How to crochet a Hexagonal Afghan

How to Crochet an African Flower Paper Weight

How to Crochet a Hexagon Clutch



The  tutorial  below is not mine….I got it off Pinterest.


Other Hexagon Crochet patterns

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Crochet hexagon Work to Inspire…….Found on the internet.


African Flower

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As I said in the beginning hexagons are great fun to hook but even more fun to put together…..Enjoy the ride and do share your work with me….:-)