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Midnight Melody




Crochet Chronicles:

This is another bag I had hooked up for our group CAL, I finished hooking this in half a day, but then ……ennui set in….so, I let it rest for a while……after a week or so, I worked on the handles…and the lining……let go for another 2 weeks….and now have finally completed it…..some projects are like that…..they like to gestate….:-D!!!

I just love the feel of satin…so soft easy to hook…especially this thin satin ribbon. If you have read my previous post…you will remember that I crocheted that one with a 2.5mm wide satin ribbon…This one on the other hand is just 1/8 of an inch wide. I knew even before I hooked up this little munchkin, that it wouldn’t hold it’s shape unless I gave it something firm to hold it upright.

This midnight blue colour is simply ‘to die for’…….So I didn’t want to use any other colours with it. Hooked the whole thing in the same colour and then embellished it with crochet flowers, did a little satin ribbon embroidery….a little tricky on the satin ribbon itself……….and then, finished off with beads and a linked chain tassel.

Materials Used:

1/8 of an inch wide Midnite  Blue Satin Ribbon 300 metres or 330 yards. I got these in spools of 15 metres each.

Hook 3.00mm

Metal Handles

Beads, Satin ribbon in a few pastel shades,

Crochet flowers and little metal butterflies.

In India we have an online store known as Pradhan Embroidery Stores, the handles and satin ribbon were ordered from them.

And Here is the Pattern:


How to fix a canvas lining to a crochet bag:

I fortified the lining with some hard canvas…giving the bag not one but two linings. One a satin fabric of light grey satin for the canvas that would show the inside of the bag and the other was of a cotton mix…in steel grey with a very matt finish(for the exterior part of the canvas)…this one would show thru the gaps of the single crochet stitches…a nice and subtle shimmer…:-))


DSC_6893 DSC_6894 DSC_6899 DSC_6900

DSC_6901 DSC_6902

Once the linings have been stitched on to both sides of the canvas…Check to see if the  size of the canvas  is right for the hooked up bag. Then stitch up the sides…just run your sewing machine down the sides  twice.

DSC_6903 DSC_6904

The Matte fabric was used in the outer part of the canvas.

DSC_6905 DSC_6914

How to fix a zipper to a crochet bag:

I first hemmed in the zipper to the canvas. The satin fabric used to line the interior part of the bag gives the bag a regal look.

DSC_6906 DSC_6907 DSC_6908 DSC_6909


Then I pushed the lined canvas into the hooked bag and  sewed up canvas bag  to the  crochet bag.


How to fix a steel Handle to a satin ribbon crochet bag:

I had great fun fixing these beautiful handles to the bag. The handles that I fixed are of a different pattern from the ones in the tutorial……urs truly got  got up in the moment and forgot to take pics…………….So what else is new…:-P

DSC_7260 2 DSC_7262

 I single crocheted around the ring of the handles and the satin bag together, so securing the handle to the bag in perviously marked positions. If you r not comfortable with that…finish your single crochet ring around the rings of the handles and then  sew it on to the bag. Make sure you use thick  thread and sew it on firm.

DSC_7264 DSC_7266

DSC_7267 DSC_7268 DSC_7270 DSC_7272

DSC_7273 DSC_7275 DSC_7278 DSC_7259 2

Since the bag was hooked in a very soft delicate satin ribbon, and the handles were metal…….I was a little worried about how it would hold weight. So to keep the ribbon from fraying or the metal handles from pulling at the ribbon….I  sewed up four squares of that firm cotton matte fabric and sewed it on to the wrong side  of the bag just where the handles were fixed. This secures the handles and protects the satin ribbon bag.


How to make a Linked Chain Tassel:

DSC_7323   DSC_7348

Embellishing a satin bag with beads, crochet flowers and french knots

I embellished the bag with a link chain and then thought it needed something more… decided to make a little garden of flowers…in crochet, french knots,satin ribbon, beads, metal butterflies etc….I have shown you how I did one of the satin ribbon flowers…use your imagination and put in any thing you like…..

DSC_7065 DSC_7066 DSC_7067 DSC_7068


Tried doing a chain stitch ivy around but that one didim;t work so I took it off…I have just added the pic here so that you can see how easy it is to embroider on a crocheted satin ribbon surface.

DSC_7071 DSC_7072

First I crocheted a few flowers and pinned them  to the bag…then worked the satin embroidery flowers and french knots….then a few more crochet flowers, beads, butterflies…….

DSC_7250 DSC_7253 DSC_7256 DSC_7257 DSC_7333 DSC_7339



See the subtle sheen from lovely Matte silver fabric  thru the satin ribbon….? Love It…:-))



Well…….that’s it for today…..Take Care……’s to Peace & Contentment…Love….

How to Crochet A Linked Chain Tassel

How  to Crochet a Linked Chain Tassel

Crochet Chronicles:

I needed a tassel to liven up my Midnight Melody….You know the satin ribbon bag I had hooked……..but flowers were out of the question…since I already had them  on the bag……….How about Butterflies…….A Bumble Bee, Lady  Bird, Hedge Hog…….Nah!!!! Couldn’t have a mid-summer garden in something I had  just called Midnight Melody…, could I?

Then I thought….why not something  unrelated…  a biker’s chain, studs…..wait a  minute…rewind…..Biker’s  chain…… Linked chain….Yup that was it………A  Crochet Linked chain in related colours…….I made the linked chain without remembering to photograph the  steps ….so had to redo it with some other colours since I ran out of the ones that I had used before……:-((

Crochet Link Chains can be made with almost any kind of yarn/thread/plarn etc.


Wind the ribbon/yarn around your fore and middle fingers( you can also use something Tubular) 3 or 4 times.

DSC_7287 DSC_7289


Push ur hook under the wound ribbon/yarn and pull through  a chain

DSC_7290 DSC_7293


Yarn Over and pull another chain(ch)through the first chain. Then start making single crochets ….Making Sure that the stitches go around the wound up ribbon.

DSC_7295 DSC_7298

DSC_7299 DSC_7300

Keep making scs until the round is complete and a ring is formed

DSC_7301 DSC_7302


When you reach the end of your ring …Finish by a slip stitch(ss) into the first single crochet(sc)

DSC_7304 DSC_7305

Now you have one ring complete.

DSC_7307 DSC_7309

Cut around 1.5 metres of the ribbon/yarn to start hooking the second ring. It is impt to cut the ribbon/yarn because the second ring has to be hooked through the first ring so as to make it interlinked….

So wind the second ribbon not only around your fore and middle fingers but also through the first ring. If you feel more comfortable you can tie a knot or pin it together. Just as before wind the ribbon/yarn around ur fingers 3-4 times.


Then start hooking scs covering the wound ribbon or yarn.


Go around the wound ribbon with scs forming a ring. Finish with a slip stitch…tidy up the tails and there you are 2 links to the chains….continue as with the second ring…to add more links to the chain…

DSC_7316 DSC_7318

And there you are…….A Lovely Linked Chain Tassel….:-))


All Abt Crochet Hooks……

 A Beginner’s Guide to  Crochet Hooks

Designer Wooden Hooks

Crochet Hooks are a Crocheter’s main stay and life line….that and yarn …ofcourse..:-)).  For a beginner to the art of Crochet, I find that what hook to use, with what yarn, is a very confusing mine field. When I started out….teaching myself crochet…I made so many time- consuming mistakes….by using the wrong hook for the wrong yarn on a pattern I wanted to do.

When I began a group exclusively for crocheters…I discovered that mine was not an isolated case…..even now with a cornucopia of information about almost everything crochet, I find that beginners and intermediate hookers still have this problem. One of the most frequently asked question is  what yarn  and what hook do I use…

But before we go into the subject of combining yarn to hook…we have to first know what constitutes a crochet hook, how many types of hooks there are and what hook to use with what kind of crochet.

Anatomy of a Crochet Hook

this pic has been uploaded form the net
this pic has been uploaded from the net



Crochet is a French word that simply means ‘to hook’.  The reason being obvious. Basically we have hooks made in steel. aluminium,  plastic, wood, horn and bamboo.

Steel Hooks come in sizes from .05mm to 12.00mm. 

Steel Hooks 0.5mm  to 2.00mm
Steel Hooks 0.5mm to 2.00mm


Plastic, Aluminium, Wood, Horn and Bamboo hooks come in from size 2.00mm to 20.00mm.


The problem arises in some cases when local manufacturers do not adhere to international standards of hook making . Then you can buy a size with totally different dimensions. I have a size 2.00mm that could be a 1.50mm  and another 2.00mm that equals 2.5mm.  This difference is not usually seen in steel hooks. My advice is to buy well known hook brands like Tulip, Silver,Knit Pro Waves.

Hooks are also classified according to a different  numbering system  in the USA versus Cananda and the UK.

Hook Conversion Chart
Hook Conversion Chart

There is also a system where alphabets represent the hook size…I have a few links below that will help you understand that  method of numbering as well.

If you wish to follow patterns all over the world…my advice to you would be …know ur hook sizes .

Crochet stitches are also done with a loom in what is today called Hairpin Lace. Bigger and broader ur loom bigger and broader will be your pattern. However you don’t have to buy a loom, You can use a wire coat hanger and bend it into loom to the below shape in the size you want. These  too come in various sizes. The sizes below are 2.00mm and 3.00mm.

2.00mm and 3.00mm
2.00mm and 3.00mm

Another form of crochet that requires a different kind of crochet hook is Tunisian Crochet. Here the hook is much longer than your average crochet hook. Some have hooks on both ends.  You can also find circular crochet hooks that is used for this category of crochet. This comes in various sizes. Most of these kind of hooks that I have seen come in Plastic…..though there are Tunisian hooks made in wood, steel and bamboo.



Double Ended Tunisian Crohet Hooks
Double Ended Tunisian Crochet Hooks

To understand the International Crochet Hook Conversion, since the numbers of hooks vary from the USA to Cananda/France and to the UK…..this link really helps


Do read through the below links to gain a better understanding of correct hooks



I hope this has been helpful in understanding what hooks are available….and in my  next post about yarn , we will discuss yarn and what hook to use with which yarn…

Have a Lovely Day…..God Bless and Keep that beautiful smile on….:-))

Red Satin Ribbon Bag





Crochet Chronicles:

I am the Admin of a lovely bunch of crocheters…..Our crochet sisterhood is called Passionate Abt Crochet(PAC)…and it is a warm, friendly and zany place to be in. PAC, celebrates it’s first year of existence on the 22nd of June’14….and to celebrate that wonderful event…we decided on a series of CALs(Crochet Alongs). One of the CALs was to crochet a bag using satin ribbon….I saw this bag pattern in one of Moogly’s  posts and thought it unique enough to be PAC’s  first anniversary mascot…….:-)).

I hooked up  2 bags for the CAL….this red one and a navy blue one, which will be my next post. The difference in these two bags is that the red one is hooked in a broader ribbon(2.5cm) than the navy blue(1/8 of an inch) one. I found the navy blue ribbon very easy to hook but it  needed a canvas lining  becos the i/8 ribbon is extremely soft and needs help in holding shape………but the red one after being made, looks better and doesn’t need a canvas lining to make it sturdy.

So all in all, If I were to hook another satin ribbon bag I’d go for the broader variety.

Though the pattern requires a different sort of ribbon, I used what was available to me in the local market. I also bought a couple of rolls of flower patterned and polka dotted ribbons to change the monotony of hooking up a bag in a single colour.

Materials Needed:

Red Satin Ribbon: 116 metres or 126 yards in length and 2.5 cm and in width

Red flower Ribbon: 15 metres or 16.5 yards(approx) in length and 1.8 cms in width

Red Polka dot Ribbon:12 metres or 13.2 yards(approx) in length and 1.8 cmd in  width

Hook size 8mm

Total Ribbon Requirement : 143 metres or 156 yards

Checkered Red & White Ribbon: 3 metres for the handles or  3.3 yards in  length and 1.2 cmd in width

Red Rose Metallic thread

Hook size 1.25mm 


This Simple and yet Lovely pattern, is from the Italian Mother and Daughter Duo……….Chiara and Tizy

Here is a picture tutorial of how I hooked my pretty ribbon bag…………..

Hooked up chain 25
Hooked up chain 25
4 rows of scs & then scs around with 2scs at the 4 corners.
4 rows of scs & then scs around with 2scs at the 4 corners.



The walls of the bag are forming
The walls of the bag are forming
Adding the flower ribbon
Adding the flower ribbon

DSC_6862 DSC_6868



Close view of how and where to hook in those single crochets(scs)

A Closer perspective of the stitches
A Closer perspective of the stitches


The final row of scs
The final row of scs



The body of the bag is all done.....
The body of the bag is all done…..


How to make your own bag handles:

I have made a separate post on how to make your own bag handles …Pls go to this link for the photo tutorial.


How to sew in a lining for your Bag:

I used this tutorial for the lining of my bag. I found itvery useful and many Thanks to the wonderful people who made and shared them. I also fixed in a zipper pocket and a simple pocket. I am not much of a sewing person……so this was an ‘up’ on my learning curve…I have posted a few photos here, but they are in no way a tutorial….These are the links that I have used to line my bag.

How to do the lining for ur bag:


I used this fun black & white polka dot fabric for the lining
I used this fun black & white polka dot fabric for the lining


The red zipper for the pocket
The red zipper for the pocket


How to add a Zipper pocket to ur Bag:



Zipper Pocket & Simple  Pocket
Zipper Pocket & Simple Pocket

How to Add a zipper to your bag:





Dressing Up your Bag:

My idea of embellishment is minimalistic….but I also bow down to the tastes of the vast majority who like bows and flowers on their bags………I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say, that these little things do make a difference. So I made a little rose and threaded in a few crystal beads as a zipper chain to adorn my little red wonder…:-D!!!

How to make a ribbon rose without sewing:


Here is my take on this video….

Silver lace ribbon rose
Silver lace ribbon rose


And Now For the Completed Bag……………..TADAAAAaaaaaaa……….:-D!!!




Well…there it is…What did you think?

Here is the link to my crochet page..Crochet & More……


Thank You And See you Soon…Loads of Love.


How to make your own Bag Handles


I  made these handles for the red satin ribbon bag…One thing I didn’t want was for it to be all crochet. This bag was to be a fun bag….so I who normally prefer subtle colours chose a nice ‘in ur face’ RED. then I chose red and white..flower, polka dot and checkered ribbons to play around in, with the pattern.

While I used up the flower and polka dotted ribbon in hooking up the bag……I used the much narrower checkered ribbon for the handles..

Material Needed:

Satin Ribbon in checks: 3 metres or 3.3yards length and 1.2 cms broad.

Rubber tubes -2  35cms in length each (Available at any hardware store and choose the size you wish your handles to be)

Crochet white metallic thread: Red Rose enough to loosely crochet around the handles.

Thick thread in red (anchor #20 crochet thread)

Thick Needle

Black Rubber tube & a ribbon wrapped one
Black Rubber tube & a ribbon wrapped one

DSC_6872 DSC_6873 DSC_6875

First cut the rubber hose..This one is thick and sturdy…and then wrap the ribbon around it…Then crochet single crochets around the tube to hold the ribbon in and stop it from unwrapping.

Crocheting singles crochets around the ribbon wrapped tube
Crocheting singles crochets around the ribbon wrapped tube

DSC_6878 DSC_6879 DSC_6881

As you can see I have hooked those scs wide apart becos I wanted the ribbon to be seen.

Fixing the handle to the bag:

Measure and fix the points for the 4 joints where you wish to fix in the handles. Then thread the needle and push the needle through the tube and sew it into the ribbon stitches of the bag…ensuring that the stitches u make are firm.

DSC_6996 DSC_6999 DSC_7002 DSC_7006 DSC_7007 DSC_7008 DSC_7009 DSC_7010 DSC_7015

And now for the finished look….




So that’s it..simple, easy, fun to do and great to look at. Playing around with patterns on a monotone colour project is fun….You should try it…I hope you found this helpful…do come around and see what else I have here….it was great to see you ..Bye..:-))

Do check out my FB has a lot more of my work…here is the link



Fun Refrigerator Handle Covers…Go Veggie…..:-))

Fun Refrigerator Handle Covers


Fruit and Veggie Motif and Amigurumi..on Refrigerator   handle cover

Crochet Chronicles:

Remember, last time I told you about my Dad being ill…Well…his sister my Aunt, came down and spent the time with us…you know being with the family, support, love …that vital support system that makes life easier. So when it was time for her to leave …I wanted to make her something that she would love and something that was practical as well..

Thrashed around for a few ideas…with no avail….this always makes me hungry so off I trotted into my Mom’s well stocked kitchen and was about to hit the cookie jar…when I noticed that our maid was changing the towel that my Mom keeps wrapped around the handle of the refrigerator.

There it was …that ‘Eureka’ moment….this was what I was looking for….Moi….is going to hook a refrigerator handle with a lot of sass.

It has to be bright, chirpy, fun and practical….I had just ordered and received a huge bundle of lovely cotton yarn form Bali. And the base  mat was going to be Indonesian.

So how does one sass up a work of art that has been proclaimed as sassy before it was even created? Ummm…….definitely a question for a nuclear physicist…..but yours truly doesn’t give in…….. I ponder on this ponderous Q…….munching on arrowroot biscuits( My Mom is diabetic and so stores only biscuits that she can eat)…and then it hits me…………..Amigurumi vegetables and fruits….Of course!!!!

I decide on Mango, Jackfruit, pineapple, Chilli(red pepper), pumpkin and brinjal(Eggplant)…all what I proclaim as Indian veges…..Not only is my aunt going to get a bright, chirpy and practical Handle cover…it’s going to echo on every Indian woman’s culinary identity.

That’s when google lets me down…totally! Is there an amigurumi pattern for Mango…NOPE…Jackfruit….NOPE..! Pineapple….NOPE..! Am I capable of designing a mango /jackfruit/pineapple amigurumi…..U gotta be kidding!!!

Any way to cut the long tragic circumstance short I decided to hook up a slice of lemon, along with pear and pineapple motifs…and let the Indian woman’s culinary identity go West…a bit……….besides, the net did have patterns on red pepper and egg plant ….So there…

And now for the pattern:

Writing a blog is new to me…so I haven’t yet evolved a style of writing….My pals and well wishers have been giving me wonderful advice and when, my crochet pal Raijo Mathew… tells me that it is an easier read when you have all the  material used in one go and  in one place…and not as I usually write…..I  bow down to sage advice… goes…

Pear, Aubergine and pineapple

Pear, Aubergine and pineapple

DSC_6972 2

Materials used:

Bali yarn 10ply,  one 100gms cake/ball..colour Ecru

For the red border……nature’s cotton from Soft Feather…15gms

Beads big enough to be a button or you can use buttons as well.

Hook Size: 3.5mm

Amigurumi Veges….in various colours…..each vege/fruit material is given in each pattern along with the hook size.

Pattern for the Base:


Luscious Bali Yarn.....
Luscious Bali Yarn…..
Wooden Beads used as buttons
Wooden Beads used as buttons


Thread 6 beads into the Bali thread(colour Ecru) and then begin hooking the pattern.

Row 1:  Crochet chain 40 stitches( you can adjust this according to the size of ur fridge handle)

Row 2: chain 3 and double crochets(dc) in the next chain….continue with dc’s along the chain….until the end.

Row 3: Change colour to Red(can use colour of ur choice)….continue with dc’s as in previous row until the end.

Row 4: Change colour back to Ecru…..chain 3, dc in next dc and crochet dc’s to the end of this row.

Row 5: Change colour to red……chain 3, dc in next dc and crochet dc’s to the end of this row.

Row 6: Change colour back to Ecru…..chain 3, dc in next dc and crochet dc’s to the end of this row.

Row 7 – Row 30: Same as row 6

Row 31 – Row 34: Same as Row 3 to Row 6

Placement of beads and  loops

Placement of beads and loops

Row 35: Scs right through, until the end of the row. In the last sc, make  one sc hook in the bead and lock it in with another sc into the same sc as the first sc.

Measuring the base mat, into 6 equal parts….hook scs along hooks in the bead at equal intervals along the side of the base mat.

Row 36: Scs right along the top most row and one sc in the last sc(the corner of the base mat) Chain 5, then sc into the same sc as before.

Hook scs along the side of the base mat, at  equal intervals just opposite to the bead….hook 6 chain, ss into the first chain, you formed a loop …….continue scs until you reach the second equally divided part.

Pattern for Red Pepper:

Thread used to make the red pepper
Thread used to make the red pepper

Material used: Anchor thread #20 – 1 ball, in chilly red and bright green – a little; Hook size 1:25mm

I used this pattern but when I reached the tip of the pepper I hooked in 2 more rows……….each row with one decrease in dc….to taper off the tip. The nice thing about this pattern is that you can make it as big or as small as you like.

For pattern click on the link below:

Pattern For Pumpkin Applique Pattern:(My Pattern)

Pumkin and the thread used
Pumkin and the thread used

Materials used: 

Rangoli #20 deep orange – 1 ball, for stem a thicker yarn…here I used Nature’s brown from Soft Feather….just a little. Hook 1.25mm

Make a Magic ring

1st Row: hook 10 scs into the magic ring

2nd Row: 2 dc’s in each sc…..repeat until the round is completed………total stitches – 24 stitches

3rd Row: *1dc 2dc* repeat 12 times or until the round is done…ss(slip stitch)

4th Row: 2 ss in each of the next two scs; 20 scs in next 20 scs, then ss into next 2scs.

Pattern For Brinjal(Egg Plant):


Material Used:

Soft feather #5 pearl  Purple;  dark green Anchor #20;

Hook size 1.5mm for the purple and 1.25mm for the green

For pattern click on the link below:

Pattern for Lemon Slice:

Slice as Lemon
Slice as Lemon

Materials Used:

Anchor #20 light yellow, Bright yellow, Cream, and White…all 1 ball each. Hook 1.25mm

Using light yellow….make a magic ring.

1st circle:  Make 12 scs in the magic ring

2nd circle: Hook *1sc in sc and 2sc in next sc*; 1sc in sc and 2sc in next and so on until the round is complete….Total 36 stitches.

3rd circle: Hook *1 sc each in next 2 scs and 2sc in next sc*; Repeat until circle until the round is complete……..Total 44 stitches.

4th circle: Hook* 1 sc each in next 3 acs, 2sc in next sc*;….Repeat until circle is complete…..Total 50 stitches.

5th circle: Hook* 1 sc each in next 4 scs, 2sc in next sc*;….Repeat until circle is complete…..Total 56 stitches.

6th circle: Hook* 1 sc each in next 5 scs, 2sc in next sc*;….Repeat until circle is complete….Total 63 stitches.

7th circle: Change colour to cream, Hook* 1 sc each in next 6scs, 2sc in next sc*;….Repeat until circle is complete…….Total stitches 67.

8th circle:  Change colour to white….Scs all around.

9th circle: change colour to Bright yellow……..Scs all around.

This lemon slice should be then measured equally into 6 parts. Sew in a white thread, outlining these 6 slices……Pls check the picture above to get an idea.

Pattern For Pear Applique:


Materials used:

Anchor #20 – pear green – 1 ball

Hook 1.25mm

Anchor #20 brown for stem

For pattern click on the link below:


Pattern for Pineapple Applique:


Materials used:

Red heart #8 pearl…… pineapple orange 1 ball

Red Heart #8 moss green for leaves.

Hook 1.25mm

For pattern click on the link below:http:/

Finished Work
Finished Work


After making the motifs and amigurumi….stick a piece of velcro  behind each motif. Measure the base mat and divide it  into 3 parts …fixing a double sided velcro on to the middle one of each part

Now just velcro the motif/amigurumi on to the base mat. Thus you can make any number of  food or ‘anything you really fancy motifs’ on your refrigerator. And interchanging them whenever you feel like…is almost good as having many handle holders..:-))

Alternatively, you can sew on the Motifs/amigurmi…..but that means you can’t change the look of ur refrigerator handle cover ever so often…:-((

So that’s it for now….I hope you have enjoyed the ride..and I do hope you liked this one and will try it out….If you do…share your pics in the comments, if that is possible and we can all admire ur work.

Do leave ur comments here and tell me what you think of this page and pattern.


Crochet & More……..

Hello Everyone….

Welcome to my space….of hooked up beauty….Crochet is my passion and sometimes accused of being my raison d’être. Well…Perhaps it is….:-))

I just love lace….one of the passions I inherited from my Mom….and here in these pages and space I hope to show you how I work on each project….if the pattern is a paid one or has copy right issues…then I will try my best to link you to that site…if there are no copyright issues tat I know of……there  will be a pictorial as well as written explanation to most of the blog posts here…..

Do write to me if you have any doubts…need info…or just plain to say hello…

Take Care and Keep that Smile On…:-D!!!





Summer Bloom……..A Granny Square Basket.

When I first came across this pattern on the net…..I was….HOOOOKED!!!!

It had a lovely, warm pastoral feel to it and so off I went ….hunting through my stash to get the right texture and colours. I had  just

come back to my own turf after 6 weeks of  stay in India, where my parents live. Daddy fell critically ill and I flew home to be with them.Traumatic times…….though my Dad is 87 and I am old enough to be a Gran….I still can’t think of life without either of them….hospitals, ICU’s, oxygen masks, tests, medicines…….but Thank God all is well for now………

So what I needed to get those creative juices flowing once again was just this……



I chose the Korean Yarn Soft Feather’s cotton yarn called Nature. It comes in the most vibrant hues and is soft and easy to hook.  Since I couldn’t get the right shade of green, that I wanted in Nature…I used Soft Feather’s Pearl #5. Hooking it all in with a 3.00mm hook.

This turned out to be an extremely easy project….hook up 6 granny squares…….Aren’t those colours lovely?

Hooking up the base


Then start hooking up the base… the same colour as the border of the Gsqs…..I used brown….rustic is what I thought when I saw this pattern



I didn’t take any pics of the completed base and how I attached the gsqs to the base…..Not complicated though….Join each square to the base using a whipping stitch with a tapestry needle and then add the next square….attaching the 2nd gsq to the first gsq and the base and so on and so forth..until you complete the round


Lo…Behold..A beautiful Basket…..

Here is the pattern…….



Happy Hooking and

Tips: I would suggest that you work the border of the gsq and the base in double strand to make the basket firmer…I haven’t done it here…but in retrospect that would have been ideal…unless you want the fuss of blocking it…

Well that’s it….Hope you enjoy making this one as much as I did….Do let me know what you think of my blog….:-))

A Touch Of Spring……..Table Runner

A Touch Of Spring

A Touch Of Spring
A Touch Of Spring

I just loved hooking up this runner ..initially intended for my dressing table….but in my enthusiasm I made too many motifs and then didn’t have the heart to not use them…so this one is going on the side board….:-)) Here’s how I hooked this delicate little baby… Yarn used….DMC #20 one 50 gram ball…colour Ecru. Varigated Yarn ……in 17 shades…..

DMC #8 pearl variegated
DMC #8 pearl variegated

..DMC #8 pearl and red heart yarn of the same colour For the border and joining I used DMC #30

DMC #20 Ecru
DMC #20 Ecru

DSC_6671 DSC_6665

DMC #30 grey
DMC #30 grey

Beads…tear drops and seed Hook size 1.oomm All in all I made around 34 motifs…U can make more or less according to ur preference. Here r a few pics I took while hooking this project…………the pattern is at the bottom of this post….This is not my design…..but was given to me by a friend.

Hooking the flower to the main motif
Hooking the flower to the main motif

DSC_6722 DSC_6729 DSC_6735

Then came hooking the last row of the motif along with joining it to the next motif…..

Spring blooms......
Spring blooms……
Joining the motifs
Joining the motifs

After I finished joining the motifs… seemed as though something was missing so I used opaque off white tear drop beads, colourless seed beads and pearl beads….in the border…I crocheted this on with a mixture of slip stitch and scs…along the border making this the last row……since the motifs and flowers were already done…I  sewed in the pearl beads and the colourless seed beads to accentuate the centre of the flower .

sewed in pearl beads and colourless seed beads in the centre
sewed in pearl beads and colourless seed beads in the centre

Teardrop beads, seed and pearl beads on the border
Teardrop beads, seed and pearl beads on the border

Blocking: After laying the runner on two foam boards…     I spray starched 5 motifs at al time and stretched them out and blocked them with pins…making doubly sure that the motif retained it’s shape and that the beads stood out. After I finished …

DSC_6745               DSC_6746

This is how you pin the piece...a pin at each corner
This is how you pin the piece…a pin at each corner


I let it dry well and then unpinned the runner…..And Voila……..

Pattern for main Mini Pineapple Motif
Pattern for main Mini Pineapple Motif
Pattern for the centre flower
Pattern for the centre flower

I hope you enjoyed  going thru this post ….Lovely having you here…Thanks for dropping in….and do leave a comment telling me what you think of my work…..Keep that Smile on & Loads of Love….!!!!