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Filet Crochet – Increase/Decrease

Filet Crochet – Increase & Decrease


In our first Lesson on Filet Crochet ..we learnt how to make a filet correct mesh, how to read filet charts, how to make  filet charts and design your own patterns. Here is the link to the first lesson ….in case you missed it..

In the next and last lesson on Filet crochet we learn to shape our  work..For Eg: to give a table cloth a zigzag edging or to give to doily a diamond shape etc….

To shape filet crochet work..we use a technique known as increase or decrease. That means you will increase/decrease by blocks or spaces at the end of a row or at the beginning of a row.

The two pictures above (both from the net) are examples of how you can shape your filet crochet work.

Below is a chart showing you how to increase or decrease filet crochet 

(Both charts have been downloaded from the net)



How to Increase at the beginning of the row/ Increase at the end of the row (spaces and blocks)


Increasing A Block At The End Of A Row


Work in a treble into….


The stitch at the base of the last stitch…as shown in the picture…


Work in another treble into the base of the first treble that you have just done….and another treble into the just done treble(second)…..And you now have a increase…block at the end of the row.


 Increasing  A Block At The Beginning Of A Row

Hook in 5 chains. Turn your work.


Double Crochet into 4th chain from hook.


Make a second double crochet(dc)  into the next chain and a third dc into the last dc of the previous row.


Increasing A Space At The Beginning Of A Row

Hook in 7 chains. Turn your work.


Hook in a dc into the last dc of the previous row.




Increasing A Space At the End Of A Row

Work in 2 chains..


Yarn over 3 times…We are going to make a double treble. Push the hook into the last dc from the front to the back.


Finish the double treble…( I have a link to tutorial for double treble at the end of this tutorial)


Work in the needed turing chains, Turn your work and continue as the pattern dictates.



How to hook in a Double Treble……


Decreasing A Space At the Beginning Of A Row

Work one chain


Slip Stitch into next 3 dcs….


Work 5 chains….skip 2 chains/dcs……and dc  into the 3rd dc…

DSC_8608 DSC_8611



Decreasing A Space/Block At the End Of A Row

Work in turning chains….5 chains in this case……Turn your work.


Then skip 2 dc and 1dc into the 3rd dc if you wish to make a space…..or 3 dc into each of the next 3 dcs.


Decreasing A Block At the Beginning Of A Row

Hook one chain up. Turn your work.


Slip Stich(ss)  in 2nd, 3rd and 4th double crochet(dc)…….3 chain up, then work the block


2 dc into the 2 chain space and 1 dc into the first dc of the previous row….



Some Patterns for Filet Crochet Shaping or Increase and Decrease


78960608_large_FiletCrochetBookmarks14 78960599_large_FiletCrochetBookmarks05

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And A Link to some more Patterns

  There it is….Filet Crochet Increase/Decrease…..Bete Noire to most crocheters….DEMOLISHED!!!!!

Easy Wasn’t it???? The only way to own any Art is to practice….so don’t waste time….Get those hooks out…and let’s beat the black beast…:-)