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How to crochet a Hexagon, African Hexagon Flower, patterns

How to Crochet A Hexagon


Crocheting hexagons is a challenge as well as a huge boost to your ego…..becos though the making of individual hexagonal motifs is easy….placing them in a legible order to make something that you would want to use and enjoy is intellectually stimulating……There are so many hexagon patterns…I have chosen a very simple pattern here…



Row 1

Chain 7; Triple crochet into 7th chain form hook; 2 ch, 1 trcr; *2 ch, 1 trcr*(10) altogether 12 trebles…ch 1, 1 dc into fourth chain of beginning chain.

Row 2

6 ch, 2 dc into 2 chain loop of previous row,  1 dc into the next 2 ch loop of previous row; 1dc into trcr, 1dc into 2ch loop of previous row 3ch 1 dc into the same 2 chain loop….forming a V stitch. This is the first corner of your hexagon…we have to make 5 more corners. Repeat….5 more times…..ss into the fourth chain at the start of the row.



Row 3



6 ch, 1 dc into 3ch loop of previous row; 3 ch 1dc into the same 3chain loop as the first dc…forming a “V” . This is your first corner of this row.

*1ch, skip(sk) 1dc, ch1 , dc in next dc, ch 1, sk 1, dc in dc,ch 1 in 3 ch loop, 3ch, dc in the same loop * (5)

ch 1,  ss into fourth chain of beginning chain.

Row 4

Ch 3; 1dc 3 ch , 1dc in 3 ch loop; 1dc in dc of previous row dc, sk next dc, dc in dc, sk dc; 1 dc, 3ch, 1 dc in 3 ch loop; *sk dc, dc in dc, sk dc, dc in dc, sk dc; 1 dc, 3ch 1dc in 3 ch loop*(3)



Joining hexagon motifs as you go…. A Tutorial…….


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The  tutorial  below is not mine….I got it off Pinterest.


Other Hexagon Crochet patterns

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Crochet hexagon Work to Inspire…….Found on the internet.


African Flower

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As I said in the beginning hexagons are great fun to hook but even more fun to put together…..Enjoy the ride and do share your work with me….:-)