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How to crochet a Hexagon, African Hexagon Flower, patterns

How to Crochet A Hexagon


Crocheting hexagons is a challenge as well as a huge boost to your ego…..becos though the making of individual hexagonal motifs is easy….placing them in a legible order to make something that you would want to use and enjoy is intellectually stimulating……There are so many hexagon patterns…I have chosen a very simple pattern here…



Row 1

Chain 7; Triple crochet into 7th chain form hook; 2 ch, 1 trcr; *2 ch, 1 trcr*(10) altogether 12 trebles…ch 1, 1 dc into fourth chain of beginning chain.

Row 2

6 ch, 2 dc into 2 chain loop of previous row,  1 dc into the next 2 ch loop of previous row; 1dc into trcr, 1dc into 2ch loop of previous row 3ch 1 dc into the same 2 chain loop….forming a V stitch. This is the first corner of your hexagon…we have to make 5 more corners. Repeat….5 more times…..ss into the fourth chain at the start of the row.



Row 3



6 ch, 1 dc into 3ch loop of previous row; 3 ch 1dc into the same 3chain loop as the first dc…forming a “V” . This is your first corner of this row.

*1ch, skip(sk) 1dc, ch1 , dc in next dc, ch 1, sk 1, dc in dc,ch 1 in 3 ch loop, 3ch, dc in the same loop * (5)

ch 1,  ss into fourth chain of beginning chain.

Row 4

Ch 3; 1dc 3 ch , 1dc in 3 ch loop; 1dc in dc of previous row dc, sk next dc, dc in dc, sk dc; 1 dc, 3ch, 1 dc in 3 ch loop; *sk dc, dc in dc, sk dc, dc in dc, sk dc; 1 dc, 3ch 1dc in 3 ch loop*(3)



Joining hexagon motifs as you go…. A Tutorial…….


African Flower Hexagon Tutorial


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The  tutorial  below is not mine….I got it off Pinterest.


Other Hexagon Crochet patterns

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Crochet hexagon Work to Inspire…….Found on the internet.


African Flower

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As I said in the beginning hexagons are great fun to hook but even more fun to put together…..Enjoy the ride and do share your work with me….:-)


A Touch Of Spring……..Table Runner

A Touch Of Spring

A Touch Of Spring
A Touch Of Spring

I just loved hooking up this runner ..initially intended for my dressing table….but in my enthusiasm I made too many motifs and then didn’t have the heart to not use them…so this one is going on the side board….:-)) Here’s how I hooked this delicate little baby… Yarn used….DMC #20 one 50 gram ball…colour Ecru. Varigated Yarn ……in 17 shades…..

DMC #8 pearl variegated
DMC #8 pearl variegated

..DMC #8 pearl and red heart yarn of the same colour For the border and joining I used DMC #30

DMC #20 Ecru
DMC #20 Ecru

DSC_6671 DSC_6665

DMC #30 grey
DMC #30 grey

Beads…tear drops and seed Hook size 1.oomm All in all I made around 34 motifs…U can make more or less according to ur preference. Here r a few pics I took while hooking this project…………the pattern is at the bottom of this post….This is not my design…..but was given to me by a friend.

Hooking the flower to the main motif
Hooking the flower to the main motif

DSC_6722 DSC_6729 DSC_6735

Then came hooking the last row of the motif along with joining it to the next motif…..

Spring blooms......
Spring blooms……
Joining the motifs
Joining the motifs

After I finished joining the motifs…..it seemed as though something was missing so I used opaque off white tear drop beads, colourless seed beads and pearl beads….in the border…I crocheted this on with a mixture of slip stitch and scs…along the border making this the last row……since the motifs and flowers were already done…I  sewed in the pearl beads and the colourless seed beads to accentuate the centre of the flower .

sewed in pearl beads and colourless seed beads in the centre
sewed in pearl beads and colourless seed beads in the centre

Teardrop beads, seed and pearl beads on the border
Teardrop beads, seed and pearl beads on the border

Blocking: After laying the runner on two foam boards…     I spray starched 5 motifs at al time and stretched them out and blocked them with pins…making doubly sure that the motif retained it’s shape and that the beads stood out. After I finished …

DSC_6745               DSC_6746

This is how you pin the piece...a pin at each corner
This is how you pin the piece…a pin at each corner


I let it dry well and then unpinned the runner…..And Voila……..

Pattern for main Mini Pineapple Motif
Pattern for main Mini Pineapple Motif
Pattern for the centre flower
Pattern for the centre flower

I hope you enjoyed  going thru this post ….Lovely having you here…Thanks for dropping in….and do leave a comment telling me what you think of my work…..Keep that Smile on & Loads of Love….!!!!