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Fun Refrigerator Handle Covers…Go Veggie…..:-))

Fun Refrigerator Handle Covers


Fruit and Veggie Motif and Amigurumi..on Refrigerator   handle cover

Crochet Chronicles:

Remember, last time I told you about my Dad being ill…Well…his sister my Aunt, came down and spent the time with us…you know being with the family, support, love …that vital support system that makes life easier. So when it was time for her to leave …I wanted to make her something that she would love and something that was practical as well..

Thrashed around for a few ideas…with no avail….this always makes me hungry so off I trotted into my Mom’s well stocked kitchen and was about to hit the cookie jar…when I noticed that our maid was changing the towel that my Mom keeps wrapped around the handle of the refrigerator.

There it was …that ‘Eureka’ moment….this was what I was looking for….Moi….is going to hook a refrigerator handle with a lot of sass.

It has to be bright, chirpy, fun and practical….I had just ordered and received a huge bundle of lovely cotton yarn form Bali. And the base  mat was going to be Indonesian.

So how does one sass up a work of art that has been proclaimed as sassy before it was even created? Ummm…….definitely a question for a nuclear physicist…..but yours truly doesn’t give in…….. I ponder on this ponderous Q…….munching on arrowroot biscuits( My Mom is diabetic and so stores only biscuits that she can eat)…and then it hits me…………..Amigurumi vegetables and fruits….Of course!!!!

I decide on Mango, Jackfruit, pineapple, Chilli(red pepper), pumpkin and brinjal(Eggplant)…all what I proclaim as Indian veges…..Not only is my aunt going to get a bright, chirpy and practical Handle cover…it’s going to echo on every Indian woman’s culinary identity.

That’s when google lets me down…totally! Is there an amigurumi pattern for Mango…NOPE…Jackfruit….NOPE..! Pineapple….NOPE..! Am I capable of designing a mango /jackfruit/pineapple amigurumi…..U gotta be kidding!!!

Any way to cut the long tragic circumstance short I decided to hook up a slice of lemon, along with pear and pineapple motifs…and let the Indian woman’s culinary identity go West…a bit……….besides, the net did have patterns on red pepper and egg plant ….So there…

And now for the pattern:

Writing a blog is new to me…so I haven’t yet evolved a style of writing….My pals and well wishers have been giving me wonderful advice and when, my crochet pal Raijo Mathew… tells me that it is an easier read when you have all the  material used in one go and  in one place…and not as I usually write…..I  bow down to sage advice…..here goes…

Pear, Aubergine and pineapple

Pear, Aubergine and pineapple

DSC_6972 2

Materials used:

Bali yarn 10ply,  one 100gms cake/ball..colour Ecru

For the red border……nature’s cotton from Soft Feather…15gms

Beads big enough to be a button or you can use buttons as well.

Hook Size: 3.5mm

Amigurumi Veges….in various colours…..each vege/fruit material is given in each pattern along with the hook size.

Pattern for the Base:


Luscious Bali Yarn.....
Luscious Bali Yarn…..
Wooden Beads used as buttons
Wooden Beads used as buttons


Thread 6 beads into the Bali thread(colour Ecru) and then begin hooking the pattern.

Row 1:  Crochet chain 40 stitches( you can adjust this according to the size of ur fridge handle)

Row 2: chain 3 and double crochets(dc) in the next chain….continue with dc’s along the chain….until the end.

Row 3: Change colour to Red(can use colour of ur choice)….continue with dc’s as in previous row until the end.

Row 4: Change colour back to Ecru…..chain 3, dc in next dc and crochet dc’s to the end of this row.

Row 5: Change colour to red……chain 3, dc in next dc and crochet dc’s to the end of this row.

Row 6: Change colour back to Ecru…..chain 3, dc in next dc and crochet dc’s to the end of this row.

Row 7 – Row 30: Same as row 6

Row 31 – Row 34: Same as Row 3 to Row 6

Placement of beads and  loops

Placement of beads and loops

Row 35: Scs right through, until the end of the row. In the last sc, make  one sc hook in the bead and lock it in with another sc into the same sc as the first sc.

Measuring the base mat, into 6 equal parts….hook scs along hooks in the bead at equal intervals along the side of the base mat.

Row 36: Scs right along the top most row and one sc in the last sc(the corner of the base mat) Chain 5, then sc into the same sc as before.

Hook scs along the side of the base mat, at  equal intervals just opposite to the bead….hook 6 chain, ss into the first chain, you formed a loop …….continue scs until you reach the second equally divided part.

Pattern for Red Pepper:

Thread used to make the red pepper
Thread used to make the red pepper

Material used: Anchor thread #20 – 1 ball, in chilly red and bright green – a little; Hook size 1:25mm

I used this pattern but when I reached the tip of the pepper I hooked in 2 more rows……….each row with one decrease in dc….to taper off the tip. The nice thing about this pattern is that you can make it as big or as small as you like.

For pattern click on the link below:http://cache.lionbrand.com/faq/549.html

Pattern For Pumpkin Applique Pattern:(My Pattern)

Pumkin and the thread used
Pumkin and the thread used

Materials used: 

Rangoli #20 deep orange – 1 ball, for stem a thicker yarn…here I used Nature’s brown from Soft Feather….just a little. Hook 1.25mm

Make a Magic ring

1st Row: hook 10 scs into the magic ring

2nd Row: 2 dc’s in each sc…..repeat until the round is completed………total stitches – 24 stitches

3rd Row: *1dc 2dc* repeat 12 times or until the round is done…ss(slip stitch)

4th Row: 2 ss in each of the next two scs; 20 scs in next 20 scs, then ss into next 2scs.

Pattern For Brinjal(Egg Plant):


Material Used:

Soft feather #5 pearl  Purple;  dark green Anchor #20;

Hook size 1.5mm for the purple and 1.25mm for the green

For pattern click on the link below:http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/80843AD.html

Pattern for Lemon Slice:

Slice as Lemon
Slice as Lemon

Materials Used:

Anchor #20 light yellow, Bright yellow, Cream, and White…all 1 ball each. Hook 1.25mm

Using light yellow….make a magic ring.

1st circle:  Make 12 scs in the magic ring

2nd circle: Hook *1sc in sc and 2sc in next sc*; 1sc in sc and 2sc in next and so on until the round is complete….Total 36 stitches.

3rd circle: Hook *1 sc each in next 2 scs and 2sc in next sc*; Repeat until circle until the round is complete……..Total 44 stitches.

4th circle: Hook* 1 sc each in next 3 acs, 2sc in next sc*;….Repeat until circle is complete…..Total 50 stitches.

5th circle: Hook* 1 sc each in next 4 scs, 2sc in next sc*;….Repeat until circle is complete…..Total 56 stitches.

6th circle: Hook* 1 sc each in next 5 scs, 2sc in next sc*;….Repeat until circle is complete….Total 63 stitches.

7th circle: Change colour to cream, Hook* 1 sc each in next 6scs, 2sc in next sc*;….Repeat until circle is complete…….Total stitches 67.

8th circle:  Change colour to white….Scs all around.

9th circle: change colour to Bright yellow……..Scs all around.

This lemon slice should be then measured equally into 6 parts. Sew in a white thread, outlining these 6 slices……Pls check the picture above to get an idea.

Pattern For Pear Applique:


Materials used:

Anchor #20 – pear green – 1 ball

Hook 1.25mm

Anchor #20 brown for stem

For pattern click on the link below:


Pattern for Pineapple Applique:


Materials used:

Red heart #8 pearl…… pineapple orange 1 ball

Red Heart #8 moss green for leaves.

Hook 1.25mm

For pattern click on the link below:http:/http://www.pottagepublishing.co.uk/pineapple-fridge-magnet-crochet-pattern.html

Finished Work
Finished Work


After making the motifs and amigurumi….stick a piece of velcro  behind each motif. Measure the base mat and divide it  into 3 parts …fixing a double sided velcro on to the middle one of each part

Now just velcro the motif/amigurumi on to the base mat. Thus you can make any number of  food or ‘anything you really fancy motifs’ on your refrigerator. And interchanging them whenever you feel like…is almost good as having many handle holders..:-))

Alternatively, you can sew on the Motifs/amigurmi…..but that means you can’t change the look of ur refrigerator handle cover ever so often…:-((

So that’s it for now….I hope you have enjoyed the ride..and I do hope you liked this one and will try it out….If you do…share your pics in the comments, if that is possible and we can all admire ur work.

Do leave ur comments here and tell me what you think of this page and pattern.