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Vintage Flower Basket

Flower Basket


This Flower Basket is of a vintage patern with girly frills skirting both the top and the bottom of the basket.

I am pasting the original pattern here but will give you a photographic explaination on how to work ths very pretty and extremely easy pattern…It’s so easy that I finished this in just 4-5 hours.

It’s a great adn unusal pattern to use to give gifts of chocolate, flowers, scented soap bars, little aromatherapy oils and scents etc…….

Materials Needed are:

#10 Aunt Lydia’s thread….it comes in 100 gm balls…but you will need jsut 1/3rd of it.

Hook 1.75mm is what I used ..you can go utp to 2:00mm



plastic wrap

A cardboard roll  or any hollow pipe cut to size to hold the shape of the basket

wood glue/quickfix/ a very strong starch spray


To decorate the basket 

Ribbons/bows/satin flowers,buttons/stars etc


Here there are 2 patterns…I am doing only the first one now. In this post since the pattern has been given in such detail, I am not going to write out each row…rather I have taken pics as I made this and have used them here to help you along.

16684309_690174354503276_1455415463340555184_n 16684133_690174557836589_6534422730975815833_n


Row 1:

3ch…then 23 dcs into a 5chain loop; ss.


Row 2:

3ch, dc in same space; dc; 2 dc in same space;,dc until end then ss.




Row 3:

Same as Row 2


Row 4:



Row 5


Row 6: 

Once the required base is acquired….you need to get the basket to build upwards….so cut the thread and begin to hook in the back loop only.  The pic below is form the internet and not my own…but it will help illustrate what back loop and front loop is.


Rows 7  to 15:






Row 16:

Now from here on up to the 23rd row the top of the basket widens like a funnel…Follow the stick count carefully…

Row 17 to 23: Pls refer to the pattern above



Top Ruffle

Row 24 to 27: Please check the  pattern above…


Bottom Ruffle

Please check the pattern above…


Please check the pattern above…



Use a mixture of  Fabric gum and quick fix….and paint it over the basket allowing the mixture to soak into the thread.

Folllow the instructions as above to shape the basket.

Add some pretty bows, buttons and flowers….fix the handle and You have a very pretty basket.

Damaru ( An Indian drum)

DAMARU(Shiva’s celestial drum)


The damaru is very common throughout the Indian subcontinent. The damaru is known as a power drum, and when played, it is believed to generate spiritual energy. It is associated with the Hindu deity Shiva. It is believed that Sanskrit language was recognized by the drumbeats of the damaru (see Shiva Sutra for the sounds), and his performance of the cosmic dance of tandava. The damaru is used by itinerant musicians of all stripes, due to its small portable size.

For more information on the Damaru….Pls check out this blog post.



Materials Required

#20 Anchor thread in – Off white, light beige and brown

Hook #1.25mm

2 plastic cirlces or rounds cut out of a palstic mat(can use old table mats)

Polyfibre for stuffing

Two med sized beads…of any texture or colour


Make the base of the Damaru

Begin with the off white thread

Magic knot

First Round

sc into the magic knot ; ss

(total stitches 6)

When you hook in the scs remember to hook into both the loops of each sc.


Second Round

2 sc into each continue until end; ss

(total stitches 12)

Third Round

2 sc in first sc; 1sc in next; continue  end; ss

(total stitches 18)

Fourth Round

2 sc, 1 sc in each of the next 2 scs; continue until end; ss

(total stitches 24)

Fifth Round

2 sc, 1 sc in each of the next 3 scs; continue until end ; ss

(total stitches 30)

Cut the thread…and tuck it in.

We Now Begin the rim of the drum

 Add the light beige

 6th Round

2 sc, 1 sc in each of the next 4 scs; continue until end; ss

(total stitches 36)

7th Round

16931078_700065460180832_324601470_o 17015161_700065433514168_289564942_o

 Hook only in the front loop….until the end of the body of the damaru


1sc in each sc; until end; ss

(total stitches 36)

Cut the thread…and tuck it in.

Now we begin the body of the drum

Add the brown

8th Round

 Same as Round 7

(total stitches 36)

9th Round

 Same as Round 7

(total stitches 36)

Begin Decreasing

 10th Round

Reduce one sc every 4 stitches

(total stitches 30)

11th Round

Reduce 1 sc every 3 stitches

(total stitches 24)

12th Round

Reduce 1 sc every 2 stitches

(total stitches 18)

13th Round

 Reduce 1sc every 1sc

(total stitches 12)

14th Round

1 sc in each sc

(total stitches 12)

Now Begin the Increase

15th Round

  2sc in first sc; 1sc in next; continue until end ss

(total stitches 18)

16th Round

2 sc, 1 sc in each of the next 2 scs; continue until end; ss

(total stitches 24)

17th Round

 2 sc, 1 sc in each of the next 3 scs; continue until end; ss

(total stitches 30)

18th Round

 2 sc, 1 sc in each of the next 4 scs; continue until end; ss (total stitches 36)

19th & 20th Rounds

1 sc in each of the following sc

(total stitches 36)

Cut the brown thread…and tuck it in.

 We Now Begin the rim of the drum

 Add the light beige thread

21st Round

Same as round 20th

(total stitches 36)

Cut thread and finish off.

Cut two pastic  rounds slightly smaller than the bases you have made from the old plastic table mat .

Push one of these into the bottom of the damaru so that it stays firm and acts as a sturdy base.

Use enough Polyfibre to give the damaru some shape.

Make a second base and using a needle sew this base to the open portion of the damaru.

Now fix the second base onto the top of the opening of the damaru using a needle to sew it on.

Cut thread and tuck it in.

Now you have to make the thread of the damaru.

Using a needle create a zig zag stitch from one base of the damru to the other…..then turn the damru upside down and make another zig zag stitch the same way.

Fix two medium sized beads to a string and tie it in the middle of the damru..

Lo Behold…Bhagwan Shiva’s Damru is done….


Indian Independence Day Patterns – Aug 15th



Crochet Chronicles

India celebrates her 68th year of freedom from 1,200 years of slavery, plunder, racism, genocide and religious apartheid on August 15th.

“Freedom Host Thy Banner,

Torn….Yet Flying….

In a Thunderstorm…

Against the Wind.”

I am not sure who wrote these lovely lines…but they certainly apply to my motherland ….India.

 It is one of those rare and unusual historical miracles, where a enslaved and plundered nation has managed to come through more than a millennium of such genocidal hell fire to forge a nation based on secular and democratic values. Such is the strength of our ancient heritage, scriptures, culture and inheritance. Our collective prayers for the Nation.

So what does a patriotic Indian crocheter do to celebrate 67 years of freedom…..Crochet of course…:-D!!!

But this time with the national colours…Saffron, White and Green with the Ashoka Chakra ‘s Navy Blue.

Here are a few patriotic pieces that I have done to celebrate this momentous occasion…….


Materials  Used


Anchor Cotton #20  in orange, Green, White and Navy Blue

Hook Size 1:25 mm

Beads (of your choice)

1 bangle in diameter size ur choice, I used bangle of 6 cms)

Flexible metal wire(jewellery)


Row 1

Make  a magic ring with 12 scs; ss.

Row 2

*5ch,  sk sc,  sc in next sc; *(4);  2 ch , 1dc into second chain of the starting 5 chain.

Row 3

3 chain, 2dc leaving the final loop on the hook each time, then pull the yarn thru all the 3 loops making a popcorn stitch, 7 ch; *popcorn in the next 5 chain loop, 7chain*(4) The final 7 chain should be 3 chain and 1dc.

Row 4

*1 sc on popcorn, 5 chain,1 sc in 7 ch loop 5ch 1 sc in popcorn*(5) ss in first sc.

You are now done making the centre of the motif. the second part is fixing the motif into the centre of the bangle and covering the bangle with scs. I have done a photo tutorial for this one cos I think that would be more easier to understand.

Row 5

DSC_8525   DSC_8541 DSC_8542 DSC_8543 DSC_8544 DSC_8545

Row 6

I row of scs in white around the green sc covering the bangle. ss in first sc; 1ch up

Row 7

Hook 16 shells around the white sc border. 1sc in the first sc; *sk 3 scs; 5 dc in next sc; sk 3 ch; 1sc* repeat ** until round is  complete. ss in first sc.

Ashoka Chakra


5ch, trcr in first chain, *ch 1 trcr in the first ch*(22), total 24 spokes.

How to  Connect the 3 bangle motifs into a Dangler

Using the  flexible wire,  make a loop…… thread in  the beads…..

DSC_8507 DSC_8509  

The Ashoka Chakra hooked in with #20  is very delicate so to take the weight of the bangles off it….I fortified the centre in the wrong side of the Chakra into a circle and wound the flexible wire around this fortified centre then continued beading adding Bangle motifs and Ashoka chakra as I went along.

DSC_8510 DSC_8514

Thread in 2 big crystal beads in the middle shell of the 3rd bangle motif. And made a sc hook hanger attached to the first bangle motif.

To make the hook hanger…..I used 3 colours of thread, together….a variegated orange, variegated green and a white #20…used a 1.75 hook with this one and chain in as many stitches as you wish it to be. Then fold and attach both ends together with a  ss and  to the back of the first bangle motif.

Then hook in scs covering the chain completely. when done cut away the yarn and tuck in all excess.


And your first Freedom Project is done…..:-D!!!!

Vande Maataram – Swan Doily

Materials Used:

Anchor #20 thread and 1.00mm hook


Here is the link to the pattern for this 6 swan Doily…..


Some more patterns to Swan Doilies


The flower in the middle…..you can download the pattern of any 3 layer flower and give each layer the colour of the tricolour.

Tricolour Glass Covers

Materials used:

Anchor #20 thread and a 1.00mm hook

 This pattern is from the book “Crochet Lace” from Ondori and because of copyright restrictions I cannot share it here. I think the book is available at Amazon.com



Jai Hind Batwa

Materials used:

Anchor Knitting Cotton, Anchor #20 thread…Hook sizes….1.75mm and 1.25mm


 Here is the link to this lovely Drawstring Bag…..


I do hope you find these patterns easy to do….The first pattern the Wall Dangler is mine and it hasn’t been tested so in case you are doing this one and find a mistake or that I have left off explaining some point do leave ur comment here …Thanks…:-D!!!!!


Raksha Bandhan Rakhee Ideas and Patterns

Rakhee Patterns




We Indians celebrate almost everything……..we have celebrations for spring, summer, harvesting, the monsoons, for full moon nights, for moonless nights, for love, for growing old, birth, weddings, birthdays, and the list goes on and on.

Since the Hindu religion allows us to see God in anything….we have a multitude of Gods as well….though the Vedas(the Holiest of all our sacred texts stipulate that they are all one)…and all these Gods have gazillions of epics written about them….so we celebrate days that they triumphed over evil, their earthly births and other note worthy incidents.

Raksha Bandhan is the festival where brothers and sisters celebrate their love for each other.  Sisters are required to tie an ornate band around their brother’s wrists…something like a friendship band……and in India we call them Rakhis.

These are the Rakhees, that were made by me last year….and I followed the pattern in the link below to make the motif. The motif can be found on page 49 and 50.

 For the tie up ..I simply got gold, green and red yarn and braided it together, tying knots at each end to hold the braid in.  I also crocheted a square base so that you can see the red peeping thru the gaps in the motif and started the first circle with matt coloured beads.

used Anchor #20 thread in 3 colours….red and green. Hook#1.25



Here again the pattern is of a 3 layered rose…taken from page #61, from the link above.  I sewed in the beads here and made the tie on exactly as I did above.

Used DMC#8 and a .90mm hook.


Here, the centre piece was crocheted according to the pattern found in this blog….


Used variegated Anchor cotton#20 and a 1.25 hook.





Well….Have an Awesum Raksha Bandhan Day…….Brothers Rock!!!!….let’s keep them loved and close to us….:-))