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Indian Independence Day Patterns – Aug 15th



Crochet Chronicles

India celebrates her 68th year of freedom from 1,200 years of slavery, plunder, racism, genocide and religious apartheid on August 15th.

“Freedom Host Thy Banner,

Torn….Yet Flying….

In a Thunderstorm…

Against the Wind.”

I am not sure who wrote these lovely lines…but they certainly apply to my motherland ….India.

 It is one of those rare and unusual historical miracles, where a enslaved and plundered nation has managed to come through more than a millennium of such genocidal hell fire to forge a nation based on secular and democratic values. Such is the strength of our ancient heritage, scriptures, culture and inheritance. Our collective prayers for the Nation.

So what does a patriotic Indian crocheter do to celebrate 67 years of freedom…..Crochet of course…:-D!!!

But this time with the national colours…Saffron, White and Green with the Ashoka Chakra ‘s Navy Blue.

Here are a few patriotic pieces that I have done to celebrate this momentous occasion…….


Materials  Used


Anchor Cotton #20  in orange, Green, White and Navy Blue

Hook Size 1:25 mm

Beads (of your choice)

1 bangle in diameter size ur choice, I used bangle of 6 cms)

Flexible metal wire(jewellery)


Row 1

Make  a magic ring with 12 scs; ss.

Row 2

*5ch,  sk sc,  sc in next sc; *(4);  2 ch , 1dc into second chain of the starting 5 chain.

Row 3

3 chain, 2dc leaving the final loop on the hook each time, then pull the yarn thru all the 3 loops making a popcorn stitch, 7 ch; *popcorn in the next 5 chain loop, 7chain*(4) The final 7 chain should be 3 chain and 1dc.

Row 4

*1 sc on popcorn, 5 chain,1 sc in 7 ch loop 5ch 1 sc in popcorn*(5) ss in first sc.

You are now done making the centre of the motif. the second part is fixing the motif into the centre of the bangle and covering the bangle with scs. I have done a photo tutorial for this one cos I think that would be more easier to understand.

Row 5

DSC_8525   DSC_8541 DSC_8542 DSC_8543 DSC_8544 DSC_8545

Row 6

I row of scs in white around the green sc covering the bangle. ss in first sc; 1ch up

Row 7

Hook 16 shells around the white sc border. 1sc in the first sc; *sk 3 scs; 5 dc in next sc; sk 3 ch; 1sc* repeat ** until round is  complete. ss in first sc.

Ashoka Chakra


5ch, trcr in first chain, *ch 1 trcr in the first ch*(22), total 24 spokes.

How to  Connect the 3 bangle motifs into a Dangler

Using the  flexible wire,  make a loop…… thread in  the beads…..

DSC_8507 DSC_8509  

The Ashoka Chakra hooked in with #20  is very delicate so to take the weight of the bangles off it….I fortified the centre in the wrong side of the Chakra into a circle and wound the flexible wire around this fortified centre then continued beading adding Bangle motifs and Ashoka chakra as I went along.

DSC_8510 DSC_8514

Thread in 2 big crystal beads in the middle shell of the 3rd bangle motif. And made a sc hook hanger attached to the first bangle motif.

To make the hook hanger…..I used 3 colours of thread, together….a variegated orange, variegated green and a white #20…used a 1.75 hook with this one and chain in as many stitches as you wish it to be. Then fold and attach both ends together with a  ss and  to the back of the first bangle motif.

Then hook in scs covering the chain completely. when done cut away the yarn and tuck in all excess.


And your first Freedom Project is done…..:-D!!!!

Vande Maataram – Swan Doily

Materials Used:

Anchor #20 thread and 1.00mm hook


Here is the link to the pattern for this 6 swan Doily…..


Some more patterns to Swan Doilies


The flower in the middle…..you can download the pattern of any 3 layer flower and give each layer the colour of the tricolour.

Tricolour Glass Covers

Materials used:

Anchor #20 thread and a 1.00mm hook

 This pattern is from the book “Crochet Lace” from Ondori and because of copyright restrictions I cannot share it here. I think the book is available at Amazon.com



Jai Hind Batwa

Materials used:

Anchor Knitting Cotton, Anchor #20 thread…Hook sizes….1.75mm and 1.25mm


 Here is the link to this lovely Drawstring Bag…..


I do hope you find these patterns easy to do….The first pattern the Wall Dangler is mine and it hasn’t been tested so in case you are doing this one and find a mistake or that I have left off explaining some point do leave ur comment here …Thanks…:-D!!!!!