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Crochet Poncho

Crochet Poncho


Crochet Chronicles:

Last winter I saw many of my friends making Ponchos and I really wanted to make one …but couldn’t….  I got something called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, which my doctors mis-diagnosed ( not that they can be blamed) because the symptoms are all that of a heart attack. My Cardiologist panicked and put me through an angioplasty and then I panicked…:-D!!

Anyway, all in all I didn’t crochet much…….so the Poncho dream was left unfulfilled..:-) But in May…I got this super soft Nako Yarn in awesome autumn tones…..so….I made this Poncho.


Yarn: 300 grammes  of Nako Vals


Hook: 3 mm


sc – single crochet

ss – slip stitch

dc – double crochet

ch – chain

sk – skip





Round 1.

Make a chain of 64 stitches ss into the first chain. ( After I finished work on the Poncho I worked a round of dcs around the chain at the neck in ochre….Just to give it a zing cos I made the edging in Red..)

Round 2.


3 chain up, 2  dcs in next 2 chains; *1 chain, skip on chain; 3 dcs in next  3 chains; 1 ch, skip 1 ch* ** until you reach the first  3 chain stitch.  Then ss.

Round 3:


It is here that you start to work on the ‘V’ shape in front and behind the neck

3 chain up, and 3 dc in i ch space;  1 ch, skip  3 dc; *3dc in 1 ch space;  1 ch, skip 3 dc;*;  ** (2).

3 dc, 1 ch, 3dc in the next 1 ch space;  1 ch, skip 3 dc; **(7)

3 dc, 1 ch, 3dc in the next 1 ch space; 1 ch, skip 3 dc; **(2)

DSC_9735The thing about this Poncho pattern, is that you can make this as big and as small as you like.

DSC_9741Round 4 – to the size you wish.( I did )

Edging DSC_9737 DSC_9738


I used a new color, here in red,  cotton yarn( mainly cos I couldn’t get the red that I wanted in acrylic…but since the gauge worked out to be the same and the cotton had a nice matt look to it..it worked out well.


Round 1

Chain 3 up in 1 ch loop, 6 dc in same loop; Skip the 3dc of the previous round; 1 sc in next 1 ch loop; * Skip 3 dc of precious round, 7dc in next loop; Skip 3 dc of previous round, 1sc in next loop* ;   ** until end of round, ss.

Round 2:

ss in the next dc, then 3 chain up and 2 dc in next 2 dcs; 5 chain, skip the rest of the 2 dc  and the 1sc; 1 dc in the third dc of the next 7 dc cluster, 2 dcs in the next 2 dcs;

* 5 chain, skip the rest of the 2 dc and the 1sc; 1 dc in the third dc of the next 7 dc cluster, 2 dcs in the next 2 dcs;* continue ** until you reach a corner, at each side of the corner 7 dc cluster , hook in 7 chs instead of 5 chs…continue ** until all 4 corners and round is done; ss.

Round 3:

ss, chain 1 up, sc in next dc; 9 ch;5 dc in next 5 ch loop;1 sc in the second dc of the 3 dcs of the previous round;

ss,* sc in the 2nd dc; 3 ch,  2 dc in the 3rd ch of 5 ch loop, 5 ch picot, dc in the 3 same ch as the other 2 dcs, 3 ch; sc in the 2nd dc; 6 dc in 3rd ch of 5 chain loop; sc in the 2nd dc*; ** all around; ss.

Round 4:

(How to make a 5 ring picot..

DSC_97394 ch, ss in the 3rd chain form the hook -* 4  ch , ss in the 3rd chain form the hook*; **3 times…once you get  all the 5 picots in place, 1 chain and ss in the first chain the beginning of the 5 ring picot.)

sc on sc; *4 chs , sc in the 5 dc, 4 ch picot,  4 chs;  sc on sc ;  7 dc, 5 ring picot, 6 dc;  sc on sc; 4 chs ,sc in the 5 dc, ch picot, 4 chs *;  ** until the end of the round, ss.

And there you r……a beautiful Poncho….simple, elegant and classy!












Crochet Rectangles


How to Crochet A Rectangle


Crochet rectangles are so useful! Bag bases, scarfs, pillow covers,punches, purses, clutches,  door mats…etc….all these can be made by using a basic rectangle pattern. And when you make a fabric collage of rectangles you can make garments, Afghans, baby blankets curtains, bedspreads…well almost anything…..as you well know crochet is flexible, adaptable and totally craft friendly….:-)


How to Hook a Crochet Rectangle

There are many patterns to make a crochet rectangle . Here I have shown three patterns

1. The Closed Pattern…very useful to make the base of a bag or if you want to make an afghan which is closely stitched.

2. Open Pattern: This is done in the 3 dc together stitch and is less time consuming than the closed pattern.

3. Granny Square: A much more open pattern and very easy to do….


Abbreviations Used:

ch – chain

dc – double crochet

ss – slip stitch


1. Closed Pattern 



To Begin With:


Hook in 14 chains plus 3( for the next row)


Round 1: 

DSC_9469 DSC_9470

DSC_9472 DSC_9474 DSC_9479

2 dcs in 4th chain; 2 ch; 2 dc in same chain as before; chain in 12 dc into each of the next chains ; chain 2, 3 dc in the 13th chain,  2 ch, 2dc in the same chain;

Now you have turned on to the opposite side of the chain link. Hook in 12dc into the next 12  chains; chain 2, 2dc; ss into 3rd chain of 3 chain .

Round 2: 

DSC_9488 DSC_9493 DSC_9495

Round 3:

3 chain up,  3 dc into 3 dc of previous stitch; *2dc in 2ch loop of previous row, 2 ch, 2dc as before*( This is your turning stitch).


Then 16 dc into the next 16 dc; Repeat **; 3 dc into 3 dc of previous stitch; Repeat **; Then 16 dc into the next 16 dc; Repeat **; ss into 3 ch of beginning 3 ch.

I am not doing the 3rd row as it is just  a repetition of the 2nd row but in each row the dcs will increase…..so keep the count.

2. 3 dc together  Pattern:

This is another pattern for the rectangle..it is a more open pattern.


3. Granny Square Pattern:

Granny Square pattern is very popular, and as you can see very easy to work out.


Here are some pics that I got from the net …just showing you how well this shape adapts to different projects.

9676b0739de8ec58e4609997beae2755 23985ff9739504c147e1c4de05d9092d images-59f54dde74fd5b53eef6c95b47a8fc6e329c77dedcd3d3b1f4119a0e86403705270fe10ead88a1afa4ad82e7b65e4c28d

Different Kinds of Crochet rectangle patterns


Rectangle base for bag


Tunic Top worked in a rectangle 


Patchwork Car Coat…Pattern form Lionbrand yarns 


How to make a cushion cover using crochet rectangles


How to make a Granny rectangle from the crochet crowd.

And there you are……So Easy……..since I learnt it form the net and books….I never knew the significance of knowing to hook shapes….but 14 years on….I know now that crochet like any other art is best learnt step by step…first the stitches, then shapes and then onto projects incorporating these stitches and shapes. Once you get the basics in like this, you have the tools to create your own designs…and that’s where I want to take you…It took me ages to figure out all these things for myself…simplifying the process of learning is what I am trying to do for all who are interested.

Hope You will try this out and let me know how you found this lesson.

How to crochet a Tunic Top



Crochet Chronicles:

You know how it is……sometimes you finish a project and then search and search to find the next one that will absolutely inspire you? Well….I go through that every time, I finish with one…and then feel so bereft…..what do I do next….It was in one of those searches that I came across this top…but it didn’t have a pattern to go with it….so after googling endlessly….I asked my pals in Passionate Abt Crochet….if they could help me out…and Lo Behold!!…I find that there is an entire group of 3000 and more members dedicated to making the top….the group is headed by the wonderful Linda Augustsson who has put the pattern together and explained the whole thing in a manner that makes it very easy to work on….I of course tweaked the original pattern a little here and there…to suit my age and figure…and am really very happy with the end result…it is a beautiful design….My Namasakar to the brilliant and talented designer who came up with the design.

As I said before, there is a group exclusively devoted to making this Tunic…..I suggest that you join this group. Here is the link to that group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/LetsMakeATunic/ The group has more charts and lots of chats where doubts are explained.


Those of you who follow my blog must know by now that I love to mix different kinds of yarn and thread together. I used Bali Yarn, Mercerised Thread and Bamboo yarn in different shades of pink and mauve.

Bali Yarn: 200gms

Omega(Coats) #10: 50 gms(approx)

Bamboo Yarn: 30 gms(approx)

Total: 280gms….I would advice you to keep 300 gms in hand.

I am a size 12(UK) so you will need to reducer increase the amount of yarn/thread that you will need accordingly.

Here is the pattern, as downloaded form the net……

This top is worked form the centre….Like this


So the chart you see below is one end of the pattern that goes around. the gap in the centre is the neck. You start with 288 chains.


This is the other end of the chart. The chart doesn’t show all the stitches that go around but it is easy to figure it out.


Here is a diagram of the finished top…this is the shape you will get once you are done…Then you need to fold it into half, and  join the two sides.


This is the centre of the pattern, it is here that you begin the pattern.


Written Pattern ( Please note that the written portion has not been tested)

1st Row:  Chain(ch) in 288….Here what you are doing is making the neckline. That is how this tunic is worked you work from the neck and work it outwards. Make a slip stitch joining the last chain to the first chain…thus forming a circle. While making the slip stitch(ss)…be careful not to twist the chain…all the chains should be face up.

2nd Row:   Chain in 6 chains skip 2 chains. Hook in a single crochet(sc). Ch 3, skip 2 ch, one double crochet(dc) in the next chain.; skip 2 ch;3 ch; sc in next ch.

*Chain 3, skip 2 chains, dc in next chain; 3ch; skip 2chs; sc in next ch.* Repeat 21 times…23 in total.

3ch; skip 2 ch; dc in next ch; 5 ch; dc in same ch as the last dc ch; 5 chs ; dc in same ch as the last two chains;  then hook in **  23 in all. End with a ss.

3 rd row:

5 ch up; skip 2 sc of previous row; 1 sc in next sc from previous row.

Skip 2 ch; 1dc ;skip 2 sc of previous row; 1 sc in next sc from previous row;

continue until you reach a corner….

then 1dc in corner ch; 5ch; 1dc in same ch as previous dc;

2ch;Skip 2 ch; 1dc ;skip 2 sc of previous row; 1 sc in next sc from previous row;continue until you reach the next corner . Repeat until the round is finished.

ss in 3rd ch on the beginning 3ch.

4th Row: 

one chain up; sc in every previous stitch all around. When you reach a corner..you make 1sc; 1ch; 1sc….should be made in each corner. Then ss.



Row 5:

Chain 6 up; *sk 2ch; sc in dc;3ch; sk 2ch; dc in dc;* Work ** except at each corner.

 In each of the 4 Corners: 3 ch into 5 ch loop: sc then 3ch, 1dc, 3 ch, sc, 3ch,dc;

To End the row: ss into 3rd ch on the beginning 3ch.

Row 6:

Chain 8; #sk 3ch, sc 3ch# ; then dc in dc; *5 ch, sk ## dc in dc*; Work ** except at each corner.

In each of the 4 Corners:  5 ch,  dc in dc , 5ch, dc in dc 5 ch

To End the row:  ss in 3rd chain on beginning 8 chain.

Row 7:

1 ch up; 4 sc in each 5ch loop all around except corners.

In each of the 4 Corners: 5 sc in 5 ch loop

To End the row: ss in 1st sc.

Row 8:

3ch up; 3dc in same starting chain (that is 4dc in the beginning sc). Sk 5 scs; 4 dc in next sc; 4 ch sk 4 scs; *4 dcs in next sc, sk 4dcs, 4dc in the 5th sc*.Work ** except at each corner.

In each of the 4 Corners: 5ch, 1dc into 3rd sc in the 5 sc corner of the previous row. then 5ch.

To End the row: ss into the 3rd ch of beginning ch.

Row 9:

3 ch up, 3dc in the same sc; *4ch, 4dc in 4th dc of previous 4dc;  4ch, sc in the last ch of the previous 4 chain loop, then sc in sc, and sc in the first chain of previous 4 chain loop.;4 dc in first dc of previous 4dc*. Work ** except at each corner.

In each of the 4 Corners:  4ch, sc in the last ch of 5ch loop; sc in dc, sc in first ch of next 5ch loop, 4ch

To End the row: ss into the 3rd ch of beginning ch.

Row 10:

3 ch up, 3 dc in same 3ch of previous row; 4 ch, sc in 4 ch loop; 4 ch,  4 dc in next 4th dc of previous row; 2ch, sc in the middle sc of previous row, 2ch; 4dc in the first dc of the 4dc (of previous row)

In each of the 4 Corners:  5 ch, sc in middle sc 5 ch

To End the row: ss into the 3rd ch of beginning ch.

Row 11: 

3 ch up, 3 dc in same 3ch of previous row; *4 ch, sc in 4 ch loop; 5ch, sc in next 4 chain loop; 4 ch ; 4 dc in last dc of previous row 4 dc; 4 dc in 4 dc of previous row.* Work ** except at each corner.

In each of the 4 Corners:      7 ch,4 dc in 4 dc of previous row,4 dc in  the next 4 dc of previous row. (Stretch the 4dc stitches|, so that it doesn’t cause a crinkle in the corners or loosely crochet those 2 4dc stitches that make that corner) ; 7ch .

To End the row: ss into the 3rd ch of beginning ch.

Row 12:

3ch, dc into next dc;* 4 ch ,sc in 4ch loop, 5 ch, sc in 5 ch loop, 5ch, sc in 4 ch loop, 4 ch ; 3 dc tog(together) in the joining dcs below( first dc in last dc of previous 4dc, the next 2 dcs in the next 2 dcs of  next the 4 dc of the two dcs of previous row.)* Work ** except at each corner.

In each of the 4 Corners:    5ch, 4dc in first dc of the second 4 dc of previous row, 5 ch.

To End the row: End with 3 chain, dc into last dc of 4th dc  of previous row…

ss into the 3rd ch of beginning ch. Row 13: ss into the first ch of previous 4 ch loop. sc in the same loop, * 5ch sc int next loop 5 ch sc in next loop*. Work ** except at each corner. In each of the 4 Corners: 5 ch, 2 treble crochet (tr) in the 2nd and 3rd dc of previous row, 5 chain sc in 7 ch loop. To End the row:  2ch and then one dc into the first sc. The dc here is to centre the beginning of the next row. Row 14: 1 ch up , sc in dc loop, *4 ch sc in 5ch loop, 4ch*. Work ** except at each corner.  In each of the 4 Corners: 4ch, 1 tr in 2nd tr of previous row, 4 ch To End the row: ss into first beginning ch. Row 15: 1 ch up, sc in sc; 3sc in 4 ch loop; *sc in sc, 4 sc in  4ch loop, sc in sc*. Work ** except at each corner. In each of the 4 Corners: 4 ch, sc in treble, 4ch. To End the row:  ss in first ch. Row 16: Repeat Row 4. Row 17: Repeat Row 5 Row 18: Repeat Row 6 Row 19: Repeat Row 7 Row 20: Repeat Row 6 but work the corners like this 5ch 1 dc into middle sc , 5 ch Row 21: 3ch up, 2 dc in the same dc to form a pop corn stitch, ; *5ch  3 dc popcorn in dc, 5 ch*.Work ** except at each corner. In each of the 4 Corners:   5ch 1 popcorn in dc 3 ch…..repeat 2 more times 5 ch To End the row:  ss in first popcorn. Row 22: ch up sc in first popcorn, 5 sc in 5 ch loop sc in sc In each of the 4 Corners:  sc in popcorn, 3 ch, sc in next popcorn, 3 ch, sc in the third popcorn 5 ch. To End the row:  in first chain. Row 23: Repeat Row 6 Row 24: Repeat Row 7 Row 25: Repeat Row 18 Row 26: Repeat Row 19 Row 27: 6 chain, ss into 4th chain from hook(picot), 5 chain , *dc in dc , 3 ch picot, 5 ch*. In each of the 4 Corners: 3 chain, 3 three ch picots into dc in the corner 3 chain. To End the row:  ss in 3rd chain of first chain. And that ends the saga of the Pretty Little Tunic Top…..:-)

The neckline….I reduced the neckline by hooking single crochets all around and then joining the sc border together in the front.

Just to show you the stitches at a closer range….


The Back……..


I gave the pattern a bit of a contour at the waist and hips…..


I have written out the pattern to the best of my ability….but as mentioned the written pattern  hasn’t been tested, and once or twice I have done my own thing…..when in doubt pls do refer to the chart  given above….Hope you have as much fun as I did when making this lovely top.

Take Care…and Know that you are unique and special in every way…:-)