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Japanese Flower Motif Coasters

Japanese Flower Motif Coasters



These Motifs were just waiting to be made……And I went for it when A Dear Friend and talented crocheted Amanpreet Sokhi created a CAL for it.


Here is a graph of the Japanese Flower Motif…….





This Graph is slightly different…in the last row.



Here is a Russian blog with a pic tutorial……


Another Blog with a tutorial…



HAve fun doing this one..:-D!!

Krishna Ashtami – Krishna Pendant

Peacock Feather & Flute Pendant


How to make the Peacock Feather


Materials Used:

Thread: Red Rose #8 in 3 colors and Red Rose Metallic Gold

Hook: .09mm and .075 mm

I used this link to make the peacock feather appliqué used in this pendant


In the last round I used a very thin golden machine embroidery thread. First I threaded in matt gold seed beads…..Use  hook #.075mm or less for this row.

chain one up , sc in same stitch; sc while adding the seed bead to that sc; sc; sc with bead…continue until you finish the last round.

At the crown of the peacock Appliqué …add a stone.



For the Flute you need to create wha tis called an cord in crochet. It is also known as tubular crochet where you crochet in the same manner but use beads as well…This is a very beautiful form of crochet. How ever, here, I have just used a plain gold thread to make the flute. And because of the minuteness of the work, I used a match stick to help me. It made crocheting a tube in such fine thread much easier.

Hint: Make sure that you put in a marker to show your starting point at the beginning of each round.

The link below will help in showing you how an cord is worked.



The above is the same method used for the flute….made below…..


apr05_c1    apr05_c2-2

 I started the tube with 5 chains in the first round; then 5 scs in every consecutive round until I reached the edge of the match stick.

11923017_465567613630619_1833117896_n 11938180_465567610297286_1448008512_n

When you reach the edge of the flute slowly reduce the number of stitches in the round. In a flute …the end form where you blow is flat. To create this sc dec (single crochet decrease) is done.

Single crochet Decrease

Begin the round with 4 scs……then skip the next  sc; ss.

chain up; sc into next  4 stitches…that is repeat the previous round here.

Chain up; 3 scs inot next 3 stitches; skip the fourth stitch;ss

Repeat the previous round again.

Chain up; 2 scs into the next 2 stitches; skip the third stitch; ss

Repeat the previous round twice.

Now you have a tapered and flat end on one side of the flute.

Once the work on the flute is over…. use a thin flexible crochet wire or any jewellery metallic wire to add embellishments. You can also sew on beads and other decorations depending on your artistic taste..;-)

I used the thin wire behind the peacock feather and threaded it in and out of the 5th row to give the feather a stiffness and I twisted the same wire without cutting it to create a loop at the top. I, then crocheted scs over the wire to cover it. This created a loop through which I can run a chain to hang the pendant from.

The flute was sewn on after work on the feather was completed. For added firmness I used another piece of the  wire from behind the pendant  to secure the flute on.


And That’s that….a lovely locket to wear for a special occasion!!!

For other Ashtami patterns do check these links….



Crochet Ovals


Crochet Ovals


I never quiet realised how much one can do with crochet ovals. To me the extent to which you can use this shape began and ended with doilies and table runners. Then Pinterest happened and it opened up a whole new world. There are crochet oval rugs, placemats, coasters,Bag bases, baskets, the oval shape required for eyes for an amigurumi project etc….

Here we will learn how to crochet  a basic oval pattern, This is a closed pattern where in there aren’t much space in between the stitches…so this is a great pattern to use when you are thinking of a bag base.


Abbreviations Used:

ch – chain

dc – double crochet

ss – slip stitich


To Begin With:

Hook in 16 chains.


Round 1:

Hook in 16 chains.

3ch up, 5 dc in same chain(turning stitch); Then one dc in each of the following chains until you reach the last chain; 6 dc in the last chain, slip stitch in the 3rd chain of the 3 chain up at the beginning of the row.

DSC_9502 DSC_9504


DSC_9505 DSC_9506


Round 2:

3 ch up: 2dc in each of the next dcs of the previous round;  1 dc in next dc. (Turning stitch)

1 dc in each of the next 14 dcs; Next stitch is dc on dc of previous round; Then 2 dc in each of the next 4 dcs; dc in dc; 1 dc in each of the next 14 stitches; ss in the 3rd ch of the 3 chain in the beginning of  round 2.


DSC_9516 DSC_9517

Round 3:

3 chain up. 2 dc in each of the next 10 dcs. 1 dc in the next 14 dcs.2 dc in each of the next 10 dcs.1 dc in the next 14 dcs.ss in the 3rd ch of the 3 chain in the beginning of round 3.


DSC_9519 DSC_9520


DSC_9521 DSC_9523





How to crochet oval eyes for ur Amigurumi projects

Bread Basket


Oval basket

http://www.antiquecrochetpatterns.com/easy-crochet-basket- pattern.html

Link to oval doilies


Link to oval placemat



Pattern For an Oval Basket




Pattern For Baby Booties



Spiral Oval




Pattern For An Oval Table Runner





So there you are……Crochet Ovals……a lovely and elegant shape that lends a kind of dignity to your work.  Did you find it easy to work on? Do let me know ….Sayonara for now….Next Post How to crochet the diamond shape.

How to Crochet A Square



Granny Squares …….one of crochet’s most loved and much worked on motif. There are zillions of patterns out there. The happy part about a GSq ( granny square) is that you can make it as easy or as complicated as you like. If you are in the mood for a challenge…..there are patterns that will give you a run for your money. On the other hand, if it’s comfort hooking that you are looking for….there are such naive and innocent patterns as the one below.

Versatility….thy name is GSq….or so the legend goes……:-) Jokes apart…you can make almost anything with GSqs. Garments – jackets, sweaters, boleros, vests, baby dresses,shorts, pants anything really. You can make accessories like belts, shoes, bags, jewellery, etc.. You can yarn bomb your home with GSqs in the form of Rugs, bedspreads, Afghans, Blankets, lamp shades, baskets, boxes table covers, Runners, anything and everything……the list of the things you can make with this motif is endless.

One of the simplest GSqs to make is the pattern below. I call it the ‘ Abracadabra Square’ and  made the tutorial to help interested ppl, read a simple crochet chart…..

Here is a photo tutorial link to make this Granny Square:



Here are a few things you can make with this simple pattern….All the charts and patterns are from the internet


Some Ideas on how to use GSqs…

cf31c840bb928870caf28f194dc9801f ffd798dce7f7c12c40a14f9bfc6d0c23 e73c6b1ec6529147f953f4e42c09bdd9 699eac13fc84b4fc59e29d0f9a68f147 79d02cb35281f29d0572ce8cffe4e41f 3b8237be21ecc5b40daf2a1d4b859f3f aea807d46fa2549ed37615401267589c 68a53b15ab446b77c7c2af1f3f910516 3e0043baa021af26e40259dc0fa6a79f1e526b339f918f9e4eae6d81db9717d9 19af3978e5704d173e2380de7a9d989d 550dcdf2b2a0484cbabfb5bd18779abeb5e5cf4a623089ffc2babc40da37add0



This is a Granny Square Vest I did….For the tutorial just follow the link below:



This GSq..is a closed pattern …very useful for Afghans and blankets….anything that you want to make which will keep the heat in.


Some more patterns from the Internet:





GSq Afghans:


7dbc04bebedc95823138e1501849c212                 a8be7003c96637e86e1fbcf7f20025455cbea04f97e9e4854deaef86244a5816


A Granny Square Scarf


Some Motif Patterns:

7a11c7badd05a6eae743a786ee0a154c                      efcfd849ec9016a4c8294a51207f861a4cfd2ae3d0ba6dc390ef5d76515d72b8560215_1532254410346994_4855094413932978197_n



Links to GSq Pattterns:

Pattern for a Rose Afghan/Blanket/Bedspread:


Mini Basket:


Cushion Covers:

The link below does not give you the pattern but this blogger has worked up a beautiful sunburst GSq into a cushion cover….I just love her use of colours. The link to the GSq is given in the second link…use the 2nd link to make a lovely cushion cover made in the first link….does that sound complicated…:-(


The link to the Granny Square..Sun Burst…..


The below link is in German…but the motif is the same as for the cushion above….so not so hard to work it out….


GSq Shoe:



Owl Baby Blanket:



This is a GSq BedSpread that I did around 4 years ago…it starts out as a circle and then you work in the corners to abracadabra it into a square…..Magical!!!! Unfortunately…copyright restrictions prevent me form sharing the pattern with you here…


So There You Are……Feeling Energised…….The magic in You already??? Of course it is…..don’t waste a minute …..get that yarn out and let’s go Bibbetty Bobbetty Boo….Swinging that Magical Hook All The Way…..:-D!!!

How to make a Beaded Bracelet using ch stitch.

How to crochet a beaded bracelet using ch, ss and basic knot

1. Thread the required number of beads…I used 8 large wooden beads here….and then made a basic knot.

DSC_8178 DSC_8181

2. Chain 5 stitches and then pull the bead in..yarn over(yo) pull through the loop and you have the first bead  fixed.


DSC_8182 DSC_8183 DSC_8187 DSC_8190


3. Chain 5 stitches and pull in the bead and repeat as before..

DSC_8191 DSC_8192


4. Continue until you get the required length.

DSC_8207 DSC_8208

5. Then keeping the last loop on the hook…..push ur hook through the first chain and do a slip stitch.

DSC_8212 DSC_8213 DSC_8214 DSC_8215

6. You now have a bracelet ring and now you need to cut the excess yarn and tuck the rest in securely.

DSC_8216 DSC_8217 DSC_8218 DSC_8221 DSC_8223 DSC_8224 DSC_8228

7. Voila…..You have your first crochet project and also learned how to crochet with beads in a very basic way….

DSC_8229 DSC_8231

Beginner’s Basic Crochet Stitches – Tr and dtr

Basic Crochet Stitches

Treble/Triple(tr) crochet and Double Treble(dtr)


Here we are going  learn how to crochet  a treble stitch and the double treble stitch.

How to hook a Treble Crochet:

1. Chain  the number of stitches that you wish to hook plus 4 more chain stitches.  Yarn over 2 times.

DSC_8068 DSC_8069

2. Push  the hook in to the 5th chain from the hook.


3.  You now have 4 loops on the hook. Yarn over. Pull the  yarn through 2 loops.  you have 3 loops left.


4. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through  the next 2 loops and you have 2 loops left on the hook. Yarn over.  Pull the yarn through the 2 loops and then you have just one loop left.

DSC_8076 DSC_8077

5.  Your treble stitch is done.


Here is the video tutorial for the treble/ triple crochet stitch

How to Hook a Double Treble Crochet

1.  Basic Knot. Chain in the req number of stitches plus 5. Yarn over 3 times.

DSC_8124 DSC_8141

2.  Push the hook into the 6th chain from the hook. Yarn over.

DSC_8142 DSC_8143

3. Pull the yarn through the chain and you have 5 loops on the hooks.

4. Yarn over again and pull through  2 loops leaving 4 loops on the hook.

5. Yarn Over.

DSC_8144 DSC_8145

6. Yarn Over. Pull through 2 loops. Leaving 3 loops on the hook. Yarn over.  Pull through  2 loops leaving just 2 loops on the hook.

DSC_8146 DSC_8153

7.  Yarn Over. Pull the yarn through the last two loops.

DSC_8147 DSC_8149

8.  And You have your double treble all done!!!

DSC_8150 DSC_8155

How to crochet in a double Treble Stitch – Video Turorial:

The difference between the Treble stitch and the Double Treble Stitch.


Basic Crochet Lessons- 2 – sc,hdc,dc

Basic Crochet Lessons – 2

Single Crochet(sc); Half Double Crochet(hdc); Double Crochet(dc)

In my last post,  we did the first three stitches that is the Basic Knot, Chain and slip stitch.

Here is the link to our first lesson,


So now we move on to the next three stitches…..Single Crochet(sc); Half Double Crochet(hdc); Double Crochet(dc)

How to make a Single Crochet(sc):


1. Hook a string of chain stitches. This is your foundation row. It is on this you will crochet ur single crochet stitches(sc).


2. Push the hook into the second chain from the hook.  You now have 2 loops on the hook

DSC_8034 DSC_8035 DSC_8036

3. Yarn Over(yo)

DSC_8037 DSC_8038

4. Pull the yarn through both the loops…to get just one loop on the hook.

DSC_8039 DSC_8040 DSC_8041 DSC_8045

How to make a single crochet video tutorial

 Voila…Single Crochet(sc)

And to practice your single crochet, check out this link…..patterns using sc.


How to Make a Half Double Crochet(hdc):


1. Make a string of chain stitches as you did for the sc.

DSC_8046 DSC_8047

2.Yarn Over(yo)

DSC_8049 DSC_8050

3. Push the hook into the 3rd chain from hook.

DSC_8051 DSC_8052

4.Yarn Over(yo)


5. Pull the Yarn through all the 3 loops.

DSC_8054 DSC_8055

6. There you have it half double crochet.


Patterns using Half Double Crochet…..

A Wash Cloth


A Draw String Bag


A Beanie


How to Make Double Crochet(dc):


1. Make a string of chain stitches to form a foundation row. Yarn Over(yo).

DSC_8059 DSC_8060

2. Now you have 2 loops on the hook. Push the hook into the 4th chain from hook.Now you have 3 loops on the hook. 

Yarn Over(yo)


5. Pull the yarn through 2 loops….Again….now you  have 2 loops on the hook.

DSC_8062 DSC_8063

6. Yarn Over(yo)


7. Pull the yarn through both the loops and u r now left with just one loop on the hook.


Abracadabra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Double Crochet is all done.

Practice Patterns for Double Crochet

A Scarf

Dish Cloth




There we are….three more stitches done. Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did….See all of you when I come back with the 3rd schedule of the series Basic Crochet Lessons.

Let Peace and Love Prevail….but that does’t mean you have to roll over and let others trample all over you….;-))