Filet Crochet – How to and Patterns



Filet in French simply means ‘net or a mesh”. So filet crochet is Crochet patterns made in a net or a grid. It  uses just 3 basic stitches like the chain stitch, the double crochet and the single crochet.

Used in as many permutations and combinations as possible, this is reminiscent of cross stitch in that, you can use a graph to create your own designs and patterns.

Here are a few examples of Filet Crochet……..



Adding Colours to Filet Crochet adds a whole new dimension to your work.



Here are the symbols of the stitches used in Filet Crochet.


How to Filet Crochet

Pls note that in this video the demonstrator uses the term treble for double crochet….In UK ……dc is termed as treble….but the stitch used is dc.

This is how a filet crochet grid will look like…when you fill in the grid with dc’s….it is called a block.


filet crochet detail



A Photo tutorial on how to create a multitude of patterns using the grid, block and filet bar….


How to crochet a Filet Bar


How to read a filet crochet chart

To do filet crochet effectively, you should know how to read a filet crochet chart…the link below has a very effective and detailed description. It also has a whole page full of filet crochet patterns especially for beginners.

Important Tips to keep in mind while doing Filet Crochet

1. Filet crochet is best done in mercerised cotton…for e.g…#3,#5, #20, #30,#40 to #100. The patterns made with this kind of crochet is seen better when you use thin thread. Thick yarn usually blurs the overall effect.

2. While  hooking a grid with blocks, remember that the dcs always sit on the dcs of the previous row in a block, but is  always hooked over the chain of the grid space. This gives your work a neat appearance because it covers the chain of the previous row.

3. How to Calculate…How many chains you will need for the foundation row.

Number of squares across the filet crochet chart multiplied by 3, to that add 3 chains more if you are starting with a block and add 5 chains more if you are starting with a space.

# of sqs in chart x 3 + 3 = If you are beginning the grid with a block

# of sqs in chart x 3 + 5 = If you are beginning the grid with a space.

How to create a graph for filet crochet

To create patterns of your own…you can use the link tutorial which can turn almost any photograph into a filet crochet grid for you.



The net has a vast number of filet crochet charts…I have just used a few here…check Pinterest for a feast of patterns.

8673cd655f225859ec98dc4d99c2ac4d.jpg 169a05562c69356fd73b9c2be16e354f

TrebleClef                   NoteEighth                NoteDouble


More Filet Crochet Pattern Links

Filet Crochet Sayings:

Filet Crochet Blouse:

I will be adding the link to increase and decrease in filet crochet next week…so do check in here for an update.

As you can see Filet Crochet is as sweet and easy as Apple Pie is to the taste buds…..:-D!!!

 Take your time Learning and More importantly …Enjoy the journey….Loads of Love…..


14 thoughts on “Filet Crochet – How to and Patterns

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of filet crochet. Wow, lots of useful info for a beginner of filet (like me). Although I’m not new to the hook, I’ve never tried filet. You can bet I will now!
    Happy hooking,
    Mary aka yayamama 🙂

  2. Thanks Supria.. I have a query – all this while we were practicing stitches using some local yarn of not so high quality. Now I would like to get some good quality yarn, which one would you suggest that we buy – there are so many varieties that beginners would get confused.

    1. Deepa, in this blog I have 2 posts….titled know your yarn – cotton and Know your Yarn Wool, once you read them you will get a basic idea about what yarn is available and how they can be used.

  3. Reblogged this on The Cotton Gin and commented:
    I’ve been wanting to learn to create my own charts for tapestry and filet crochet. Guess what! I found this great tutorial for filet. I really appreciate the math!

  4. I have been crocheting since I was 3,(1963), I have done Filet, but, it has been years. I love your blog. It reminded me of what is possible with Filet! I am working on a Filet top, with a Beautiful sitting cat, that I found on Pinterest. And you have helped me remember how easy Filet is,and I can’t wait to wear my new top. Thank you so Very much for your time and help!

    1. Hello Binkismama,

      Thanks A Lot for visiting my blog and taking the time to give me feed back on it. I am amazed to hear that you have been crocheting since you were just 3 years old……I am sure that your filet crochet top will look beautiful and wish I could see it. All the Best…:-)

  5. I am working on a filet pattern that calls for 1 stitch increase Instead of 1 filet increase at beginning and end of rows….can’ t quite figure this out. Would appreciate any help.

    1. Hello Estella,

      To be frank…I have never come across a pattern that suggest just one stitch increase at the beginning and end of rows. But then, there are no hard and fast rules as far as crochet is concerned…though how the pattern works out…especially in Filet is intriguing…Can you send me the pattern so that I can read through it? Perhaps then I can help you out…it could also be a print error….but unless I see the pattern I can’t really say.

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    I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking
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