How to crochet a cushion/pillow cover




Catherine Wheel (Variation)Cushion cover


Yarn Used

Soft Feather #5 Pearl

Hook size 1.25mm

A closer view of this stitch… of my favourites.

DSC_7111 DSC_7113 DSC_7114

This isn’t my pattern, I got it from the net a long time ago and downloaded it….now I can’t remember where I got it form….which is such a pity…I would have loved to give credit to the creator.


Corner  to Corner Stitch (C2C) or Diagonal Stitich Cushion Cover:


Yarn Used :

Soft Feather #5 Pearl

Hook size 1.25mm


How to hook a C2C project

Do check out the Crochet Crowd’s Tutorial…Mickey as usual makes it look so easy…;-))

Granny Square Cushion Cover


Yarn Used 

Soft Feather’s Nature…cotton yarn

Hook Size 3.00mm

Here is another pattern that  I worked on ..I made a couple of gsqs in May and then left it to  hibernate for a while… the time I got back to it….my laptop died on me…and as this was a bookmarked pattern …I lost all that information.

Which is upsetting becos I really liked the designer who did this…I do remember though that she made this and used up all her scrap yarn. If any of you have this link pls share it with me……..I would like to share the link to her site here.

Since I cannot give you the link to the pattern I am not posting any ‘how to’ pics here……though I have them….just, doesn’t seem fair….



All the sqs need to be joined
All the sqs need to be joined

I finally joined all the sqs with single crochet(sc) stitches…..on the front cos I liked the look better each of the coloured motif looked better in a ‘pen’ of it’s own…:-))

DSC_7120 DSC_7131




How to fix a fabric back to a crochet front cushion cover

I learnt to make a fabric cushion cover using this tutorial …..and i found it simple and well explained…….

In these tutorials, she shows you how to make a completely fabric cushion. I substituted the front portion of the fabric meant for the cushion, with one done in crochet and  the back portion in 2 pieces as mentioned in the tutorial.

Tacked the 3 pieces together and machine stitched them.

Be careful Not to pull the crochet piece tight while sewing cos it will stretch beyond the fabric….happened to me….and I had to redo it…:-P

DSC_7153 DSC_7155 DSC_7156 DSC_7157 DSC_7158

DSC_7420 DSC_7428

Well…hope you found this helpful……as I have mentioned before….I am learning to sew….I have all these grand ideas in my head….but when I put it to practice…..I find that my sewing doesn’t really bear close scrutiny…..but I aim to get there…Definitely…:-))!!!

Take Care….And Loads of Love!!!!


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