How to make your own Bag Handles


I  made these handles for the red satin ribbon bag…One thing I didn’t want was for it to be all crochet. This bag was to be a fun bag….so I who normally prefer subtle colours chose a nice ‘in ur face’ RED. then I chose red and white..flower, polka dot and checkered ribbons to play around in, with the pattern.

While I used up the flower and polka dotted ribbon in hooking up the bag……I used the much narrower checkered ribbon for the handles..

Material Needed:

Satin Ribbon in checks: 3 metres or 3.3yards length and 1.2 cms broad.

Rubber tubes -2  35cms in length each (Available at any hardware store and choose the size you wish your handles to be)

Crochet white metallic thread: Red Rose enough to loosely crochet around the handles.

Thick thread in red (anchor #20 crochet thread)

Thick Needle

Black Rubber tube & a ribbon wrapped one
Black Rubber tube & a ribbon wrapped one

DSC_6872 DSC_6873 DSC_6875

First cut the rubber hose..This one is thick and sturdy…and then wrap the ribbon around it…Then crochet single crochets around the tube to hold the ribbon in and stop it from unwrapping.

Crocheting singles crochets around the ribbon wrapped tube
Crocheting singles crochets around the ribbon wrapped tube

DSC_6878 DSC_6879 DSC_6881

As you can see I have hooked those scs wide apart becos I wanted the ribbon to be seen.

Fixing the handle to the bag:

Measure and fix the points for the 4 joints where you wish to fix in the handles. Then thread the needle and push the needle through the tube and sew it into the ribbon stitches of the bag…ensuring that the stitches u make are firm.

DSC_6996 DSC_6999 DSC_7002 DSC_7006 DSC_7007 DSC_7008 DSC_7009 DSC_7010 DSC_7015

And now for the finished look….




So that’s it..simple, easy, fun to do and great to look at. Playing around with patterns on a monotone colour project is fun….You should try it…I hope you found this helpful…do come around and see what else I have here….it was great to see you ..Bye..:-))

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