Summer Bloom……..A Granny Square Basket.

When I first came across this pattern on the net…..I was….HOOOOKED!!!!

It had a lovely, warm pastoral feel to it and so off I went ….hunting through my stash to get the right texture and colours. I had  just

come back to my own turf after 6 weeks of  stay in India, where my parents live. Daddy fell critically ill and I flew home to be with them.Traumatic times…….though my Dad is 87 and I am old enough to be a Gran….I still can’t think of life without either of them….hospitals, ICU’s, oxygen masks, tests, medicines…….but Thank God all is well for now………

So what I needed to get those creative juices flowing once again was just this……



I chose the Korean Yarn Soft Feather’s cotton yarn called Nature. It comes in the most vibrant hues and is soft and easy to hook.  Since I couldn’t get the right shade of green, that I wanted in Nature…I used Soft Feather’s Pearl #5. Hooking it all in with a 3.00mm hook.

This turned out to be an extremely easy project….hook up 6 granny squares…….Aren’t those colours lovely?

Hooking up the base


Then start hooking up the base… the same colour as the border of the Gsqs…..I used brown….rustic is what I thought when I saw this pattern



I didn’t take any pics of the completed base and how I attached the gsqs to the base…..Not complicated though….Join each square to the base using a whipping stitch with a tapestry needle and then add the next square….attaching the 2nd gsq to the first gsq and the base and so on and so forth..until you complete the round


Lo…Behold..A beautiful Basket…..

Here is the pattern…….



Happy Hooking and

Tips: I would suggest that you work the border of the gsq and the base in double strand to make the basket firmer…I haven’t done it here…but in retrospect that would have been ideal…unless you want the fuss of blocking it…

Well that’s it….Hope you enjoy making this one as much as I did….Do let me know what you think of my blog….:-))

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